Kids' Christmas Program

The children - from age three on up through to high schoolers - led Christmas-themed worship at church today. Rachel and Abbie sang two songs with all the other first through fourth graders. They sang "No Wonder We Call Them Wise Men" and "Stay Amazed," and (no bias here!) they did a great job. Actually, all the kids did wonderfully. :^)

It was such a joy, though, to see my girls publicly praising the Lord in such a pure, joyful way. Rachel had not been nervous ahead of time, and she continued to be very at-ease; between services, she said, "I just belted 'em out, Mommy!" On the other hand, Abbie had been really anxious ahead of time, even as recently as this morning when she woke up. But when it came time to sing, she looked so peaceful and happily smiled whenever we caught her eye. And then afterward she said, "I really liked doing that. Now I want to be in Kids' Choir!" :^)

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