Lake Lundgren

It's been bitterly cold the last few days...and tonight we are being walloped by a snowstorm that may cancel classes tomorrow at most (traditional) schools. So it actually seemed a fitting time to post pictures from our other big trip this summer, to Lake Lundgren Bible Camp.

We went in June so it was still rather cool as summers go around here (swimming in the lake was a bone-chilling adventure!). But memories of that week seem heavenly in relation to recent weather!

As you can see, the week is all about relaxation. Jeff serves as the missionary speaker while we are there so he needs to prepare messages for morning chapel each day; in addition, he helps out at the waterfront during the afternoon swim times. But for the girls and me, it's all about "hangin' out."

They love the "Purple Playground" so we spent many hours there; I relished having so much time to read while keeping an eye on them! And this year for the first time we let them go swimming (with Jeff) in the main swimming area, rather than just going in at the camp director's dock. Trying the slide spooked them a bit, but floating around in the tubes more than made up for those anxious moments. :^)

We are already scheduled to go back this coming summer - probably in July. So the water will have soaked up more sunshine by then...thoughts of which almost chase away the winter chill!

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