'Tis the Season

Well, our Christmas season unofficially got underway today with our outing to the Schreiber Kids' Christmas Party, an annual event sponsored by Jeff's employer. Falling as it always does in early December, it seems to kick off a whirlwind of Christmas-preparation activities.

So tomorrow we will go to Aissen Tree Farm to find our tree. On Tuesday, we head down to Appleton to visit with Santa at the Fox River Mall. And the girls and I will attend a production of The Nutcracker Ballet next Saturday. In addition, I'll be working on Christmas cards this week and will go to choir rehearsal on Wednesday...and the girls will sing in church with the other Sunday school children next Sunday. That's just one week..and doesn't take into account all our regular, non-Christmas-related activities!

But I don't want to get wrapped up (pun not really intended, but not half-bad!) in all the busy-ness. Instead, I want to enjoy each activity for the contribution it makes to the season. And so that's my goal: to take each upcoming Advent-type endeavor as it comes - to fully appreciate each one and to allow them all to somehow prepare me to celebrate the anniversary of God's entry into our world through Christ.

Today's contribution? Appreciating the beauty of simple traditions, such the girls' annual pose with this big dog character, whom they love. They've smiled with and hugged him for five years now. The Schreiber party wouldn't be complete without him!

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