Accordion Grandma

Laura and Mary Ingalls had their "Dancing Grandma" - Charles' mother, who delighted everyone with her fancy footwork. Not to be outdone, Rachel and Abbie have "Accordion Grandma!"

Jeff's mom played accordion as a girl and took it up again when she retired (from teaching English to high schoolers for 23 years). Now she plays for enjoyment, attends an annual accordion convention (!) in Texas, and gives lessons, too.

This past week, she and a fellow accordion afficionado (who apparently took up the squeeze box post-retirement) delighted residents at the nursing home where Mom regularly helps out. This video is an excerpt of the concert they gave on January 6.


The Johansen Family said...

So cute!

a white picket life said...

My Grandma used to play the accordian too...such fun memories!

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