Just Another School Day

Jeff left yesterday morning on a short missions trip. And he "got outta Dodge" just in time, beating the heart of the cold snap we are now enduring. He called this morning to report that the temp where he is - in southwestern Trinidad - is in the mid-70's...meaning that - with our -35 wind chill today - he's experiencing a day that is over 100 degrees warmer than ours! And he wonders why I don't have sympathy that his luggage hasn't yet arrived? :^)

All of the public and private schools around here are closed due to the frigid weather. And my daycare kids - teachers' children - are at home with their moms. So, as with a snow day, Rachel and Abbie wondered if our school would be closed, too. But no such luck for them! We did take our time getting started this morning and - as you can see - they're having a pajama day (footies, no less!), but I intend for us to accomplish a full day's lesson plans. It keeps us on track (so unavoidable interruptions at other times can be more easily managed), and it's a great way to keep their minds off how they miss Daddy. Besides, they needn't risk frostbite to come to the table for spelling or cuddle up on the couch to read!

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McFam said...

I'm a GBACH member- hoping you don't mind I scrolled down past the 1957-2007 highlighted blog. Whenever the "other" kids have a snow day, we always do school. But then we bank that day for when it's the first 70 degree day in April, or when we get a gorgeous Indian Summer day in November. We'd much rather have a Spring Day than a Snow Day, anyway!

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