It's been too long since I last wrote, and partly that's because of the busy-ness of Christmas celebrations - starting with our church's Christmas Eve service (in which I participated as part of the choir) and going all the way through today, when my brother and his family came up for a belated get-together. In fact, our festivities actually go through next Saturday because that's when we will gather with most of my husband's family to mark the occasion.

But the other reason for my lack of posts is that my fingers were gripped around paint brush and roller handles all week...leaving little time or energy to do anything else. Yes, I spent the week painting our living room, which has been sorely in need of a makeover since we moved in (years ago!) but more noticeably so (at least to me) in the last few years.

I have been vowing for at least two years to paint, but always found one excuse or another, mostly because the room's main strength is also a major weakness at times like this - i.e., it is a monster! Truly, it's wonderful to have such an expansive space, but that was downright intimidating to view with painting in mind.

But my ultimate motivation arrived via email in November, when I was asked to host four business people on January 13 to share with them about homeschooling. I had no qualms about opening my home in this way or to promoting home education. My only hesitation was my living room; perhaps it was vanity, but I just didn't feel comfortable knowing that the first thing they would see was a drab, dirty-looking front room.

I'm so excited to "cheerlead" for home education, though, that I was able to muster up the courage to tackle the color job this week - when I'd, of course, been planning to give the girls a vacation from schoolwork and while my daycare charges were home with their moms.

It was quite a job - one that took basically my every waking hour from early Tuesday through to about 10:00 last night...and then some further cleaning and organizing today in preparation for my brother's visit. And that included a few tearful moments: worrying that the color would be too dark; lamenting the fact that I couldn't do the roller work properly (ultimately, Jeff helped with that while I focused on his nemesis, the edging); fretting because I had to cancel two get-togethers with a good friend to get everything done.

But in the end, I am more than pleased. First, that it's done, of course! And I promptly announced to Jeff that I don't plan to live in this house long enough to have to paint it again - lol. More importantly, though, I think it turned out beautifully. So now I love the space I used to merely tolerate.

And those folks on January 13? Well, now I'll open the door wide and welcome them in for a good chat in my cozy "new" living room.


Cindy Downes said...

Enjoyed reading your blog!

a white picket life said...

Hey--I am just catching up on my blog reading and I have to say...I just
LOVE your new look! Wow. I think the dark color is perfect and the new furniture arrangement is awesome and cozy! GREAT JOB! Lorrie

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