New Gig!

Today I was hired to write as a Regular Contributor for Takeaway Press, publisher of the wonderful, multi-sensory spelling program, All About Spelling!

I discovered All About Spelling (AAS) last fall, as I was researching various formal spelling programs. AAS immediately intrigued me when I read that it is based on the impressive Orton-Gillingham approach to literacy instruction. So the girls and I started using the program in early November, and in just the short time since then, both girls' spelling skills - and spelling confidence - have improved dramatically.

In January, I wrote to thank AAS creator, Marie Rippel. Immediately thereafter, she and I connected on Facebook and The Homeschool Lounge. And the next thing I knew, I signed up to be an AAS affiliate, Marie asked me to edit a flier she is publishing for her affiliates, and we began discussing how I might work for the company.

My role may expand over time, but for now I am going to regularly write blog posts for The Chatterbee, a website serving those who use AAS and other Takeaway Press products. As I do with my pieces for Celebrate Kids, I'll post a link here for all of my Chatterbee articles. I hope you'll take a look when you notice that I've published something!

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a white picket life said...

So glad for your new opportunity! That is awesome news and your posts will inspire many! Lorrie :)

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