Another New Gig!

I am blown away...and honored...and humbled by how God has orchestrated things in the last couple of weeks in terms of my writing.

A summary, to put it in perspective: My dear friend, Kathy Koch, has long had deep confidence in my writing abilities. And so, when she wanted her ministry, Celebrate Kids, to launch an email newsletter, Authentic Hope, she asked me to take on the role of staff writer and contribute an article for each issue; incredibly, I've been doing that for over three years now. Then, when I started this blog a few months ago, I thought it also might be good to archive my Celebrate Kids' articles in a separate blog to make those pieces accessible after they'd been published in Authentic Hope.

Then last November, the girls and I started a new spelling program - All About Spelling (AAS) - and we found very quickly that we were having amazing success with it. So in January, I emailed the curriculum's creator, Marie Rippel, to thank her for developing such a great program. And, as I'm now in the habit of doing, I used my signature that has links to both my blogs... and Marie must have taken a look at the sites. Because the next thing I know, she asked if I'd become a regular contributor to The ChatterBee, a new online community for AAS users. And so I started doing that in late February, with a self-imposed goal to try posting one blog entry each week.

Well, just days after I'd made my first official ChatterBee post, Marie shared with me an opportunity with The Old SchoolHouse (TOS) publications and ultimately encouraged me to submit to them a number of pieces for consideration. So, after some quick research into TOS writing guidelines, I pulled together eight homeschool-related columns and sent them in - not at all sure what to expect in response.

And so what I got has totally floored me!

Just this week, I received word from the TOS publisher, Gena Suarez, that four of my submissions have been accepted! Three will appear in upcoming editions of an email newsletter called Schoolhouse Support, which goes out to about 10,000 subscribers each month. A fourth will be used to promote TOS to readers of a new website, creation.com. And then, in addition to that, all four articles will be compiled into a TOS e-book and made available to all the readers of all the TOS publications through the TOS Schoolhouse Store! And, as if that weren't enough, Gena was incredibly complimentary of my writing, and then someone else at TOS, a senior editor, encouraged me to submit articles for possible publication in the print magazine. Wow.

One thing God has been showing me of late - through this circumstance and a host of others - is that he wants me to "ride the waves" he's creating in my life. Certainly, that means choosing to go toward my giftedness rather than against it. And it means pursuing things that Scripture encourages and commands. But I see all of that as me choosing to get on a wave as I see it coming - waves he's created and sent my way at this time for his purposes. I can't create the waves, anymore than I can control an ocean's waves or hold them in my grasp. And so I could not have orchestrated (or even imagined) this writing thing if I'd tried. Yet at this time – for his reasons – he's put these continuing opportunities in my path right now. I don't understand the timing...and I have no idea the shores to which these waves will carry me. But it's rather exhilarating – the same rush, I imagine, a surfer must get when seeing a big one approach.

I have no desire to physically surf. But I like the idea of doing it spiritually!

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