C? You Can Do It!

All About Learning Press (AALP) is a publishing house that produces several unique and extremely effective language arts products: the All About Spelling and All About Reading series, All About Homophones, and the Beehive ReadersIn early 2009, I was personally invited by Marie Rippel, AALP's founder, to serve as a regular contributor to AALP's first interactive website, The ChatterBee, which she ran from February, 2009, through September, 2011. This was one of my articles.

We started Step 16 in All About Spelling Level 1 today - a step I've been anticipating for a few weeks now as the girls have increasingly been asking, "C or k?" when writing on their own. Before starting AAS, I often felt anxious when trying to explain virtually any spelling or phonics rule; no matter how clear the rule seemed to me, one or the other always seemed to whine, "I don't get it!"

However, with each step we've taken in AAS, my anxiety has decreased. For one thing, the girls have made steady progress with their spelling since we started just a few months ago - and I regularly see them transferring their understanding to independent writing situations. For another, AAS has helped them - especially my seven-year old - to finally start grasping and applying phonics rules. So AAS is a sort of reading program without even trying to be!

Thus, I was actually excited to show and explain the rule for Key Card 7 today, as I knew it would fill a gap that the girls both knew they had. And I was not disappointed!

I work with them individually on all their literacy and math, and my seven-year old chose to do spelling first (which is, in and of itself, a victory!). What joy to all but literally see the lightbulb go on over her head! And it happened almost instantly...with the child who has struggled more in this area (at least before we found AAS)! Ditto for my six-year old, who for every example delighted in explaining just why the c said /s/ or /k/.

Tomorrow we'll talk about Key Card 8, and I expect, of course, that I'll witness evidence of even deeper comprehension. And then I am sure they'll be able to apply the rules to the new words we'll encounter in Step 17. In fact, I can barely wait to get there, so fun will it be to "c" them do it.

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