A (Truly) Big (Family) Event

On our way into The Big Event for Little Kids today, Abigail asked how many times we'd come before. I didn't remember, but I thought that this was our fifth or maybe sixth year.

When we got back, I checked the girls' scrapbooks and discovered I was wrong. Five? Six? No, today marked our seventh annual visit to The Big Event! That means we've gone every year since Abigail was only one (almost two) and Rachel was only two (almost three).

This is the only scrapbook picture I have from our first year. Partly, that's because the girls wanted to spend a ton of time at the sensory tables. But the camera also remained mostly tucked away because Jeff and I both had to spend our time keeping track of our precious toddlers and helping them with the dozens of available activities. I have just a few photos from our second year, for the same reason.

But we apparently had more free moments on our third visit - when the girls were almost four and almost five, respectively - because pictures abound. They are nearly eight and nine now, and so they have obviously grown up and changed a lot since then. But there is some truth to the statement that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Compare pictures from 2006 and today as evidence of that!

Today (as in years past), we all came home from The Event - which really is "big" in many ways - overstimulated and exhausted. But the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves, too, and so we're happy to continue the tradition for as many more years as they'd like.

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