A couple months ago, we made a rare visit to Wal-Mart (we mostly seem to shop at Target), on the hunt for gymnastics outfits for the girls. We failed to find suitable tumbling clothes, but the girls spied these dresses - and were instantly smitten.

"Can we get them as Easter dresses, Mommy? Please?!" begged Abigail, as Rachel eyed the rack of white flowing fabric.

The price was decent, and I'd been planning to shop for Easter dresses soon. But I hesitated. For one thing, they are a bit "over the top." In addition, they are actually first communion dresses.

We're not Catholic, and our church does not do special first communion services. If they happen to attend a service instead of going to Sunday school when communion is being served, the girls have been taking communion since they each personally accepted Christ's gift of salvation back in September, 2007. We marked the significance of that event as a family, but there was no ornate public ceremony to accompany it - and it was about each girl's personal (albeit, child-like) commitment, not a show or ritual.

All of that raced through my mind as two pairs of gleaming blue eyes beseeched me. And then I thought, "Oh, what the heck!"

They love to dress like and pretend to be princesses. And, in fact, as adopted children of The King, they are God's princesses. Why not let them feel as such on Easter? After all, what better day of the year for over the top celebration? :^)

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