10 Honest Things about Yourself

I got an award from Laurie at Common Sense Homesteading! Thanks for thinking of me, Laurie. I'm happy to give this a whirl!

10 Honest Things About Myself:

1. I'm a "grammar Nazi." Before writing these 10 honest things, I couldn't resist going through the rest of the text to correct its grammatical errors;

2. Though it's not politically correct, I love being an at-home mom (and homeschool teacher). I wouldn't have it any other way;

3. Despite that, I still have way too many "psycho-mommy" moments;

4. Lately I'm getting really good - some would say "too good" - at living my new motto: Speak your mind (in love), even when your voice shakes;

5. Every day, there is a battle between my nature as a "non-morning person" and my desire to get in a good workout before the rest of my day starts...and I'm really hoping the latter wins almost every day this summer;

6. Though I will do whatever it takes to stay home with my girls and though I love my little daycare charges, I wish I didn't have to work for pay (other than, perhaps, earning money for writing!);

7. I dream of someday being a regularly published - and well-known - author;

8. I actually enjoy public speaking and otherwise being "up front" (i.e., serving on worship team at church);

9. I'd love to win the lottery...even though I really never play it (except for splurging on a few tickets when the jackpot hits about $300 million!);

10. As much as I love my daughters more than my own life, I need to do better at loving my husband and the Lord Jesus.

The seven blogging friends I've chosen to share are:
Lorrie Blaylock
Angela Compton
Emma Winingham
Jasmine Cucuta
Toni Aurig
Amy Baker
Dana Carroll

The rules for posting your own 10 honest things are:
1. Thank the one that gave you the award;
2. List 10 honest things about yourself;
3. Give this to 7 other blogger friends;
4. Place the picture at the top of your post.

Hope ya'll have a great time. We look forward to reading each of your 10 honest things about yourself!

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