Psalm 139 Thursday

It's Thursday - another opportunity to think about the ways in which your kids (or other children you know) are fearfully and wonderfully made! To read more about this idea, click here for my original post about it. Or simply leave a comment about a child you know, describing what he knows..or is able to do...or something about his character or heart. Whatever stands out this week.
Then go one step further by telling the child what you wrote. After all, if we like a specific behavior or trait, we probably want to see it again...and a key way to encourage that is by providing positive feedback!
This week, Rachel and Abigail amazed me (yet again!) with their creativity and diligence. They've been really into the Star Wars movies since Jeff introduced the series to them in April. So they got it into their heads last week to create Star Wars paper crafts...and then spent a couple of afternoons engrossed in the task. First, each drew a detailed diagram of a Death Star.

And then they started making paper dolls of the characters. Abigail made Princess Leia and Han Solo (below), then switched over to creating funny Star Wars-related picture books.

Rachel - who doesn't usually enjoy paper crafts - spent hours making dolls of all the main characters, most of whom you can probably pick out in the photo at the top of this post because she did such a great job with the details.

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Lauren St.James said...

Jordon amazes me how good he is at putting together puzzles. He has a 1000 piece puzzle going right now on a side table in his room. It's been going for awhile now which is totally cool because obviously it would take lots of time away from other things like romp, roaring, and exploring in other ways. But, every so often he gets in there and he chooses an area to focus on, and it amazes me how he finds these little detailed pieces. :-)
And, then Ashley she makes me smile with her creative dance routines and expressions that she puts to music. This has been a relaxed summer week so its been fun to see her dress up and bop around. The child has rhythm and we're wondering where she's learning her cute little steps. :-)

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