Psalm 139 Thursday

It's Psalm 139 Thursday again - already my third week of encouraging you to see your children (and/or other kids in your life) the way God sees them! I originally reflected about this concept here in a post for The ChatterBee website; read the piece to learn more about this way of celebrating our kids.

And then tell me (by leaving a comment): How have you seen over the last week that your children are "fearfully and wonderfully made?"

I have seen the deep love the Lord has given my girls for each other. Sure, they argue plenty; in fact, this morning, I swear they woke up fighting! But their disagreements are petty and short-lived. And they typically return to being each other's best friend within minutes.

So this morning, they decided they wanted to dress like twins today (as if they don't already look enough alike!). They didn't tell me this outright, but insisted that I not look at either of them until they were ready - so I figured out what they were up to (but then, of course, also played along by acting surprised when they modeled their outfits).

As you can see, they're taking great delight in today's fashion statement (!)...and in each other. At the moment, they're in the backyard, where for the past two hours they've been happily engaged in a variety of games designed by and for them alone. Quite apart from the perk of some quiet time this has offered me (!), I am filled with joy and thankfulness that the Lord has so strongly knit an incredible sister-bond between my two precious girls.


Laura said...

You've got beautiful girls! That's a cute picture of them. I also see such a great love in my children for each other. As they've grown older together, they've become such wonderful friends. It's great to see them joking and laughing with each other and also hanging out together at the stores or eating out (just the three of them) together. My kiddos created their own personal holiday about five years ago so they could celebrate their relationship with each other. Brother's Day and Sister's Day. It's so cute to see them picking out gifts and cards for this special occasion. They are my blessing.

Shawntele said...


Anonymous said...

What a blessing! This week my son is off at camp, and my daughter has had center stage. Though she is eating up the attention and special activities, I catch her noticing stuff her brother would appreciate. I look forward to them re-uniting on Friday.

Toni Aurig said...

Hi Tina, it's me Toni and so was the anonymous comment. Sorry about that!:-)

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