Goodness, It's Been a Long Time!

My, have I been gone from posting here for a long time! I never intended to take such a hiatus; "life" just seems to have gotten in the way. Often lately I'd planned to write in the evening - after the girls had gone to bed and I'd prepared school work for the next day - but by the time I was ready to do so, I was too exhausted to think!

But now I plan to re-prioritize my writing - here and elsewhere. I've kept up with my Celebrate Kids deadlines; in fact, I'll post my two most recent columns tonight and finalize the rest of the 2010 schedule with Kathy soon. I was also published in my church's women's newsletter last month - an article I'll post here tonight as well - and would like to contribute to every bimonthly issue this year. But I need to get back to the rest of it.

For starters, I need to write again for The ChatterBee. So my goal for that is to publish twice a month - on the weeks in between my Celebrate Kids pieces. And I also need to write a post just for this blog at least once a week. So if you're following me and you don't see something new at least that often, please hold me accountable!

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