All About Spelling Updates!

As you may know, I am a fan of - and an affiliate for - All About Spelling (AAS), a wonderful curriculum that uses a multi-sensory, common sense - dare I even say logical?! - approach to help children master the sometimes tricky art of learning to spell well. Homeschool educators and private tutors love AAS, and it can be used in traditional school settings as well.

We started using AAS in November, 2008, as part of my quest to help Rachel in particular with her language arts learning. And I've been thrilled from the outset at how the simple AAS techniques have utilized Rachel's multiple intelligence strengths (body- and logic-smart in her case) to radically improve her ability to spell correctly. As for Abigail, my very word-smart child and more "natural speller," it's possible that nearly any spelling program would have worked for her; however, even in her case, I'm convinced AAS is the best option because the approach is based on actually learning to spell (and fostering a concurrent ability to transfer that knowledge to new situations) instead of mere memorization for a test. We're now halfway through Level 2, making great progress, and even enjoying the journey through this program I have tagged as one of "real spelling mastery...without tears!"

I became an affiliate before the end of 2008. And then in February, 2009, AAS's creator, Marie Rippel, asked me to become a regular contributor to the program's website, The ChatterBee. Among my ChatterBee posts, I've included several detailed examples describing how AAS has worked for us, all of which you can link to by clicking here.

Up until this week, AAS has included five levels of instructional material, a supplemental resource called All About Homophones, and two readers that correspond with Level 1. And now, with the release this week of Level 6 and two readers (What Am I? and Queen Bee) that correlate with Level 2, a wonderful curriculum has gotten even better!

Marie is offering a 20% discount on any of the new materials if you make a purchase by Monday, April 26. So take a look and see what you think. If you have any questions before you order, please send them my way; I'd love to help you see if AAS might work as well for you as it does for us!

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