Summer Devotions Challenge 2010

I need to take some time soon to tell you more about The Homeschool Lounge (THL), the wonderful online community for homeschool moms to which I've belonged for about a year and half. But for today - when I'm rather pressed for time (because I'm excitedly working on organizing the pre-K curriculum for my daycare girls this fall and want to get back to it!) - let me simply make a couple of friendly suggestions related to THL.

First, if you're a homeschool mom, take some time to browse the THL site, and then seriously consider joining the over 12,000 other ladies just like you who connect there. As homeschool moms, we can sometimes feel isolated from other adults - we're either at home teaching our kids or out and about teaching our kids all day long and are often too exhausted at night to call or go out with girlfriends. Computer-based relationships should not, of course, usurp real-life ones - but they can be a nice supplement. And THL is a wonderful place to form some special virtual friendships with great, like-minded women who will definitely help you remember you're not alone in your calling to raise and educate your children. Plus, you can connect in just minutes a day between your child's math and science lessons!

Second, after you've signed up and created your profile, consider joining THL's Summer Devotions Challenge 2010. I did, and I'm looking forward to this opportunity - created by THL's Walking with God group - to be held accountable for spending time with the Lord over the next two months. It's a very simple "program" - you can use whatever Bible study/reading resource you prefer and just download a form to keep track of your daily progress. Then you aim to provide regular encouragement and support for other ladies in the group.

In the process, you'll begin some online friendships. And you'll give yourself a motivation to be diligent about remaining connected to the Lord this summer - obviously the most important thing any Christ-follower can do in any season.

So...if you're a homeschool mom, what are you waiting for?

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