Weekly Wrap-Up #1: June 6 to 12

Several of my blogging friends write weekly wrap-ups as a way to keep friends and family "in the loop" of their lives. It seems like a great idea so I've decided to jump onto the bandwagon with my very first Weekly Wrap-Up:

Last Sunday, we spent the day with Kathy Koch, one of my best friends in the world, who was in town visiting from Fort Worth after some regional speaking engagements. Kathy is like my big sister so she's one of the girls' several "quasi-aunts." We've gone to Texas to visit her several times and hope to go again soon, but we also love when she comes here.

After church, we took her to our city's new river walk for lunch...and were all awed by the immensity of a ship that meandered past us down the river to the bay. Kathy also gave Rachel and Abigail their birthday presents - new bike helmets of which they were in great need, given that the old ones are at least five years old and almost too small. And then we left the girls with our favorite babysitter to enjoy a night out with Kathy and two couples - two of my other best friends, Lynn and Renee, and their husbands, Jim and Scott. The seven of us have an awesome time whenever we get together, and this time Scott, dubbed us the "Merry Mackinaw Crew" (since we ate at Mackinaw's restaurant - and now, of course, will have to make that a tradition).

On Monday, I saw Renee again as her kids and mine, along with my two daycare girls, Anna and N,, ventured up to THE Farm about an hour from here for an end-of-year field trip. We wrapped up our main school year (though we also school on a lighter schedule through the summer) in mid-May, but Renee had just recently finished her homeschool year, and this was my daycare kids' last week. It was a perfect day of feeding baby goats, holding tiny kittens, and being goofy together. And Renee and I even got to have a bit of a "mommy talkdate" in between keeping an eye on the children.

Later that night, I went to the used book sale sponsored by my homeschool association, where I found a few useful items...and sold almost everything I'd brought to sell! And then I steeled myself for my Monday night task: completing N.'s 2009-10 Teachers' Tots scrapbook. I enjoy making the books, but had run into a time crunch...so I knew I was in for a very late night. Not the healthiest thing, of course, but I actually finished by 3:30 and got three hours sleep afterward before gearing up for a new day!

And that was N.'s last until late August. I only take care of teachers' children so Teachers' Tots goes on hiatus for about 10 weeks in the summer, during the moms' time off school. I miss the kids and look forward to being able to see them once or twice during the summer - for playdates or if the moms need an occasional day of babysitting. But it's also refreshing for me to have that break, and I try to take advantage of it by planning special things with Rachel and Abigail and relishing a few more free moments during the course of my summer days.

Anna's mom, Lacy, also had her last work day on Tuesday so Anna stayed home on Wednesday and Thursday. But Lacy had an all-day school meeting on Friday so Anna's last official day wasn't until then. That gave me time to finish Anna's scrapbook without staying up too late again...and also gave us one more day with the little sweetie before parting ways for a few weeks.

In terms of "summer school," we did a bit of bookwork after Monday's field trip and did three workboxes after returning from piano lessons on Tuesday. I spontaneously decided to give the girls time off on both Wednesday and Thursday - to mark their first summer days of "just us" - but then we accomplished all the bookwork I'd scheduled for Friday. And I plan to be diligent about that for the rest of our summer session, which goes through July 9.

I woke up early this morning to get ready for today's big event: the 34th annual Bellin Run, an event in which I've participated - to mark the "unofficial official" beginning of my own summer - since my public school teaching days. Never having considered myself a runner, I always just walk it and planned to do so again today. But oddly enough for me (Miss "Rou-Tina!"), my plan spontaneously changed mid-route. As a result, this Bellin became something entirely different - and cool.

But you'll have to wait to hear more about that - because it's a story that deserves its very own post. Soon.

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