Weekly Wrap-Up #2: June 13 to 19

As I wrote about last Sunday afternoon, June 13 was our worship pastor's last official day with us at Spring Lake - and so it was a sad day. Chad has led us well for seven years, and Chad and his wife, Bliss, are friends I will miss. Thankfully, we know they'll be back regularly - beginning in August for a wedding and because most of Chad's family lives here. That makes "good-bye" really just "see ya later." And that's more manageable.

But we actually postponed that probable final "see ya" for a few days by having them over for dinner on Wednesday - a great way to have a more personal farewell. Their almost two-year old son, Cadence, came, too, and he was a hoot! I don't think he stopped moving for more than a minute the whole time he was here - and even as he ate, he made it very clear that he'd prefer to be down and playing. He sure kept Rachel and Abigail on their toes as he scurried from one activity to the next, and he surprised the cats with several enthusiastic, full-body hugs! But I was quite impressed with his obedience because, despite his excitement at being in a new place, he listened and complied whenever Bliss or Chad re-directed him. He's a good boy, and they're great parents. I'm so glad God is blessing them with another child - due in November.

Beyond all that, the girls enjoyed the start of summer swimming lessons this week and really like their current teacher, Miss Brittney. As we did last summer, we've again opted for twice-weekly lessons so they'll go all summer on Mondays and Wednesdays, getting in an hour and half of pool time each week. They're currently swimming at the "fish" level and will soon graduate to "flying fish;" heck, at this rate, I half expect them to turn into real fish at some point! But I'm so pleased they're gaining strength and skill and confidence in the water.

We did schoolwork on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - but then petered out after getting the house ready for our Wednesday night dinner and didn't do anything on Thursday or Friday. Interestingly, though, I learned that we all do better when we follow through with just a bit of bookwork - that little bit of structure seems to frame a day better than when we leave things completely open-ended - and so I'll work harder to make sure to include that every day next week.

In terms of writing, I actually accomplished quite a bit this week:
  • Tuesday - I submitted my next Celebrate Kids column - about competence - which will run in our email newsletter next Tuesday;

I still need to write about my experience at the Bellin Run on June 12 - I'll put that on the blogging calendar for this week. And look for a post about a very exciting event planned for this coming Thursday, June 24 - something I get to do (girls in tow) that very few people similarly experience. Curious? No hints. You'll just have be sure to come back late next week to find out what I'm talking about!

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Carol Flett said...

You sound so well organized!

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