I've Got a "Published" Book!

Several months ago here on Blogger, I saw an ad for a service, Blog2Print, that would turn a blog into a bound book. I remembered it a few weeks ago when I was trying to brainstorm the best way to create and preserve my girls' home school portfolios, and I decided to give it a "test run" with posts from this blog.

After being held by the post office during our vacation, my book arrived today, and, boy, am I impressed! It's got a glossy soft cover - I could have chosen a hard cover, but decided to save a bit of money - and glossy pages, too. The cover design is basic and isn't my blog background, but it was easy to format - Blog2Print walked me through the whole, very intuitive set-up process for the entire book - and I like how it looks. Every post and photo I wanted to include is there, and it even has a table of contents.

Where I have a video or slideshow on the blog, no pictures printed in the book, and font specialization such as bolding, italics, and link notations didn't come through. Plus, sometimes the spacing is a bit weird. But the important thing is that all the content is there in a beautiful, very easy-to-read format. So now I will not lose my writing if - heaven forbid - my blog ever crashes.

My test book contains all my posts from this blog starting from when I first began in November, 2008, through 2009. I've decided that from now on I will order a book at the end of each year so that I'll have an on-going record.

In addition, I'm going to make books for my Celebrate Kids archive blog, a new blog I'll set up to archive my other writing, and, of course, the girls' portfolios.

That's why I started the blog for our 2009-2010 school year, for which I'm now very motivated to complete my data-entry and design so I can print the books before we're too far into our new year. After that, I plan to work my way backwards and re-design the previous portfolios I've made, putting them online and into these books. I'm beyond excited that the girls will be able to have quality, bound books by which to remember their school years - and I highly recommend Blog2Print for anyone who wants to easily and permanently archive any blog for any reason.


Jennifer said...

Your book looks great! I've seen that ad ... I think I'll check into it, too. Especially since my blog is probably as close as I'll ever come to scrapbooking.

SQ said...

Tina Awesome! I will check that site out! tHANKS FOR SHARING AND FOR CARING - eMMA

Stephanie said...

This is a great idea:)

Angela Compton said...

Looks great, Tina. I've considered doing that at every 100 posts (roughly once a year), however, I wasn't sure about the quality - now I know, thank you for sharing!


Cheryl said...

What a cool idea! I was over at your homeschool blog but couldn't figure out how to comment :) I have heard great things about My Father's World, I think I will use that with my youngest when he is school age!

Anonymous said...

What a great book! I've wanted to move back to Blogger from Wordpress (private blog) for other reasons but this one is an extra highlight!

Many thanks for sharing about your book . . . from another MFW user who thinks the idea of printing up books is fabulous!

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