Lake Lundgren 2010, Day 1: "Wading" in the Lake

We were thrilled to once again be invited back to Lake Lundgren this year, where Jeff - because of MissionGuides - has served as the missionary speaker for one week each of the last five summers. Our annual foray into the northwoods has become as much a family tradition as Vacation Bible Camp, the homeschool camp out, and pictures with Santa, and we all greatly anticipate it once the dates of our visit are nailed down.

In past years, we've gone at all different times during the summer, and Jeff has spoken to teens of all different ages; the group this year consisted of seventh through ninth graders. And, while camp for the kids doesn't begin until Monday afternoon, we always go up on Sunday night. That way, we avoid rushing up early Monday morning for the series of prep meetings Jeff needs to attend, and we have plenty of time to get settled in. And so it was with great excitement - tinged with just a bit of melancholy over leaving the cats behind (though in the very capable hands of our cat and house sitter, Trish!) - that we ventured out late last Sunday afternoon.

We stopped about halfway through the 90-minute trip to grab supper at Subway. You can get a taste for some of the girls' giddiness as they knew we were getting closer:

At about 6:30, we turned onto camp property. I don't have audio here, of course, but imagine, if you will, the girls' delighted shrieks from the moment they saw the camp sign until we turned off the engine several minutes later, and they scrambled out near the dining hall - and then more whoops as they scampered to our perennial cabin, Spruce 2.

It's become camp tradition for me to unpack and organize while Jeff and girls "explore" the grounds that first evening. Of course, at first blush, that perhaps appears unfair - but that's per my request. The cabin in quite roomy for four people for a week, but the girls have so much excited energy that it's much easier to put everything together without them there. It goes pretty quickly, too, and then I meander off to find my family.

This year - no surprise - I found them down by the lake. But I was a bit taken aback to see them - the girls at least - actually in the lake! They weren't swimming, but they'd asked Jeff if they could wade, and he acquiesced after some convincing. I'm glad he did; it was fun to watch them - pant legs rolled up on Rachel and Abigail's sun dress tied up to her thighs - splashing around and giggling.

They were quite obedient - going in no higher than their knees as Jeff had directed - but I knew it was just a matter of time until one of them - as it turns out, Rachel - slipped and fell in all the way. And then, of course, Abigail slipped just minutes later...and so suddenly they were, I guess, doing "full body wading!"

I think Jeff and the girls all thought I'd be upset - and, in fact, maybe I would have been at a different time. But I'm at a really good place spiritually and emotionally just now (thank you, Lord!), and so I just shook my head and laughed...because I love that the girls got to make such a silly, wonderful, ridiculous childhood memory, no harm done.

I snapped this picture back at the cabin, after we'd happily explained the "wading" to several people who saw the girls dripping their way across the grounds. And, for the rest of the week, the girls referred often to their "wading suits."


Now be sure to check back here tomorrow to read about our adventures last Monday, including this:


Kimberly said...

Delightful! What a great memory for you all but especially for them. They will talk about it for years.

Jennifer said...

How fun!

It is always good when, especially as moms, we can see the fun and not worry about the rest ...

Carol Flett said...

Oh those fun days of camp! My favorite childhood memories, and the place where I was baptized.

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