Lake Lundgren 2010, Day 2: This and That

Monday morning at camp is meeting time for the staff - so after breakfast Jeff went to and fro, sometimes to a meeting and sometimes with us, wherever we were at the time.

The girls and I first visited one of their favorite camp places, the playground equipment they've long-dubbed "Purple Park." In fact, we went there at least once a day, often for an hour or more each time. I'm glad they still enjoy the simple childhood pleasures of climbing and sliding.

Later in the morning, Jeff had some free time so he took the girls on a boat ride. I'd have come along, too, but he graciously suggested I kick back in the cabin and enjoy some quiet. So I took the opportunity to start reading a book I've had on my shelf for almost two years: Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. I'll write more about that at a later time, but, for now, suffice it to say that I highly recommend this title for any married person, young or old; I think Dr. Eggerich has "nailed" the essentials of having and maintaining a healthy marriage.

As for Jeff and the girls, they grabbed a rowboat and headed out on the lake, first to the camp director's dock and then across from the camp's swimming area. Rachel most enjoyed getting out at the dock and also doing a lot of the rowing; she's actually a little powerhouse in that regard and did a full third of the work. Abigail, on the other hand, didn't like rowing, but delighted in getting out on the far side of the lake to pick me some flowers.

It rained intermittently in the afternoon so we hung out at the cabin, but the girls didn't mind. In fact, they love sleeping on the camp bunk beds and always use them as the inspiration for all sorts of imaginative games. Plus, we used "cabin time" to do just a bit of school (a math sheet and reading), which we continued all week.

At camp, chapel happens twice a day - in the morning for the missionary speaker and in the evening for the Bible teacher - and so that evening we went to hear Pastor Jon, the week's Bible teacher. I don't yet ask the girls to attend every chapel session; I think that'd be too much for them at their ages. But I wanted us all to show respect for and get to know Pastor Jon, and I certainly enjoyed his message and the worship time. And as the week progressed, we loved getting to know Jon, his wife Nikki, and their two sons, Drew and Luke (while a third son, Ryan, attended as a camper).

Pastor Jon and Nikki M.

Overall, it was a great first full day of camp, one that left us all feeling a "good tired" at the end. In fact, I went to bed early - and slept late (for me) - every day. I know scientists say we really can't "catch up" on lost sleep, but I feel as if I did - and, on that, I'll take a "placebo effect" any day!


And last Tuesday was a full and "unique" day, too, including a moment "in the spotlight" for me. But you'll have to stop by tomorrow to hear that story, as well as an account of something that may never before have happened in Lake Lundgren's 75 year history!

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