Weekly Wrap-Up #6: The One Where I "Steal" an Idea...

Kinda, sorta...but not really because I'm going to give credit where credit is due.

You see, since I started doing these Weekly Wrap-Ups - which I otherwise love writing - I've been irked by my lack of creativity with the titles. A title is supposed to "grab" a reader...but my Weekly Wrap-Up titles have been pedestrian and mundane, to say the least.

Until now...I hope - thanks to Kris over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers, a blog I've been following since the Ultimate Blog Party in April. Doesn't the title of her blog itself just make you want to visit her there?

Kris does Weekly Wrap-Ups, too, using the type of title I'm trying on this post today. And, over the past few weeks, I've noticed that I'm definitely drawn into her wrap-ups by her titles. So I decided to try it. If you like the idea, let me know...and be sure to stop by and visit Kris...who is homeschooling but who isn't at all raising weird or unsocialized children.

Now, about my week...

I've felt a little frazzled today because it's been a busy week - good in many ways, but still hectic. To kick things off last Sunday, we officially welcomed Aaron, our new worship pastor, to our church. He had fun picking some music to gear us up for our country-western themed Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) this week - including one song that featured a banjo. And he happily accepted our gift to him, a cheesehead hat, which I got to present him with so he'll fit in around here. Most importantly, though, I could tell that the songs he chose and how he led drew people into worshipping the Lord - and that's what matters most of all.

And then, yes, VBC went on every morning, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 to noon. The girls loved going to "Slingin' Stone Ranch" each day, where they participated in worship, watched dramas, heard solid Bible teaching, and then got to do various "adventures," games, and crafts. When I picked them up each day, they jabbered all the way home about everything they'd done - petting horses, roping "cattle," square dancing, getting wet on Wednesday's Water Day - and friends new and old they'd enjoyed.

And they were very excited when each earned enough tickets (for reciting memory verses) to "purchase" a cowgirl hat at the camp store...which came in very handy for the All-Church Hoedown on Friday night. I actually didn't go - my frazzles kicked in already during the day so Jeff took the girls by himself, encouraging me to enjoy the peace and quiet. But I heard all about it when they got home, and these pictures speak volumes.

Of course, one would think that - with three hours "off" every morning - I'd have felt refreshed rather than fried. But being out and about for five days in a row tires me every year at this time...and I actually had activities every morning besides so I didn't really rest. Good things - I met with another homeschool mom on Monday to show her my My Father's World materials; on Tuesday, wrote my newest Celebrate Kids column (to be published this coming Tuesday); had breakfast with my dear friend, Renee, on Wednesday; got a haircut on Thursday; and squeezed in an extra workout and then met with our cat sitter on Friday - but it all kept me hopping. In fact, I don't know when else three hours a day have gone so quickly!

And I felt extra urgency to accomplish some things around here because we're leaving on our week-long vacation tomorrow - to Lake Lundgren Bible Camp, where Jeff will once again serve as camp missionary for the week and the girls and I get to tag along. As it turns out, I had too much to do and too little time - but I finally decided it would be okay to put some writing projects on hold and do them next week at camp instead of now...which shouldn't be difficult because I'll have lots of free time as I keep an eye on the girls while they play.

So I packed a notebook to write those pieces longhand - something I haven't done in a while - and turned my attention this week to starting a major undertaking I've been procrastinating about for months: putting together the girls' portfolios for this past school year and - eventually - doing the 2008-2009 portfolios I never got around to doing back then.

For reasons about which I'll share more next week, I decided to begin putting each year's portfolio on a blog...and so I used some time this week to set up the template for a new blog: The Hollenbeck Homeschool: 2009-2010. And then just yesterday I started writing.

I'm really excited about this new endeavor! In fact, I've already got a template for The Hollenbeck Homeschool: 2010-2011, too, and plan to re-do previous portfolios on blogs as well. Composing each month's summary - and adding relevant pictures - takes a fair amount of time. But I'm very pleased with the results and will share next week what I plan to do with the blogs once I've got everything entered. For now, though, you can see three posts for The Hollenbeck Homeschool: 2009-2010 here. Please let me know what you think:
I'm helping to lead worship one more time tomorrow before having a hiatus from that until mid-August. Afterward, I'll pop over to the Y for one last pre-vacation workout and then finish packing and cleaning - so the cat sitter doesn't walk into a mess, yes, but also so we can come home to a clean house ourselves.

Oh, one more thing: This blog isn't a "numbers game" by any means, but I couldn't help but notice this afternoon that I've now got 99 followers! I'm honored, actually, that so many would choose to even sometimes check in on what I have to say.

Just for fun, I'd love to be at or over 100 when I check in again next week...so if you don't currently follow me and have been thinking of it, now would be a good time to sign up. Or, if you know some who might like to follow my musings, let them know. And I'll do something special for Number 100!

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Mrs. Mandy said...

Thanks for visiting me from the MFW Blogroll. I am following you now because I just love your blog! I think we will have to visit some of your recommended places as we are in Missouri (especially the Laura Ingalls sites).

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