Weekly Wrap-Up # 12: The One with Some New Beginnings

Well, this was the week - the one where most of my Teachers' Tots kids made their way back to me for the school year! The public schools here don't open until September 1, but teachers have in-service training and work days, so they start back several days before students do.

N. came for a few hours on Wednesday, and then both Anna and N. started back full-time on Thursday. In addition, we were blessed with a short-term visit by Hallie, one of my favorite former charges - she was here on Thursday and Friday and will come again next Monday and Tuesday before heading to school on Wednesday. And her older brother, Quinn, spent Friday with us, as well.

We marked the occasion with a special field trip on Thursday, about which I wrote here. Then Friday was simply a playdate for the most part - and it was neat to see the six kids (ranging in age from 11 to three) pair off to play pleasantly for a while before they all played an "Indian game" together when they were outside.

Of course, one beauty (among many!) of home education is our ability to flex as "life" happens. So - though having Hallie and Quinn here, on top of last weekend's mini-vacation that extended to Monday and a special piano lesson/party on Tuesday, required me to alter Rachel and Abigail's bookwork for several days - it was worth it to give them time with good friends and to accommodate those other special circumstances. And the timing for a quasi-break also worked out well because our next real time off from academics probably won't come until the end of October.

We did continue with reading and language. In the process, the girls continued copywork for and began memorizing Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." And Rachel finished her first literature book of the year, and will, thus, get to begin her project next week. We also did modified plans for Exploring Countries and Cultures, altering things to spread the 10-day North America unit out over 13 learning days. So, we read about the deciduous forests that have covered much of the continent and began reviewing the names and locations of the 50 U.S. states, an activity in which Hallie and Quinn also participated.

A word about the girls' special piano lesson on Tuesday: Their wonderful teacher, Miss Tirzah, decided to throw an end-of-summer party she called JAM. Each child had prepared a short "recital" piece to share with the other students - Abigail played the theme from "Beauty and the Beast," and Rachel played half of "The Rainbow Connection" - and Tirzah had games and other activities for them afterward. At first, the girls were very nervous - it took me two full weeks to convince them it'd be okay! - but, of course, they ended up having a great time. They played their pieces beautifully, and they loved learning to play chimes with the other kids. Now they can hardly wait for the next JAM at the end of October!

Our big family news of the week, of course, was our Milwaukee Mini-Vacation, which I detailed in a post here.

Just today, I initiated another phase of my "overcoming" project, an endeavor that will likely last through the end of the year, 18 weeks from now. I'm very excited because - if all goes as I hope (or even close to it!) - I will be able to confidently say that the one part of the project I started several months ago will be complete at year's end...and I'll be ready to start on something new. It will have been a long time coming...but, I think, very worth it!

Also today - as I was watching part of Glenn Beck's inspiring Restoring Honor rally in Washington D.C. - the Lord gave me a vision for a totally new project of a related but somewhat different sort. Since the idea is so new, I'm still mulling over what this is actually supposed to be. But what I can say now is that the name the Lord's told me is ASPIRE, and that the key image in my mind is one of "lifting up." And I think it'll be a ministry of some sort that will be about the business of encouraging others to aspire toward:
  • lifting themselves up - out of victimization and sin - by taking personal responsibility;
  • lifting up those in need so they, too, can take responsibility for themselves;
  • lifting up and glorifying the name of the Lord Jesus, who is, of course, the ultimate power behind any sort of personal transformation.
That's really all I know at this point...but I would be ever-so-thankful for your prayers on my behalf in these personal endeavors: first, that I'd take personal responsibility for completing my current 18-week journey and, second, that God would lead me in discerning what He intends for this ASPIRE idea.

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Monica said...

Sounds like you had a great week!

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