Wisconsin Weather Extremes

There's a common joke here in Wisconsin:

Don't like the weather?
Wait a minute; it'll change.

I found proof of that in my October pictures as I was preparing to print them out tonight, and it made me chuckle.

I took this picture on October 7, on a trip to Apple Valley Orchard. It was bright and sunny and in the mid-70s, which was actually unseasonably warm. But, in fact, we had several very nice "Indian Summer" days early in the month.

Then I snapped this one in our backyard on October 17, in the midst of what was several days' worth of non-stop, torrential rain.

And, finally, I took these on our October 28 field trip to Mulberry Lane Farm. The girls' smiles are deceptive because this was at the beginning of the day, and they were excited to hold the chickens. But it didn't take long before we all felt like icicles. It was about 35 degrees with a wind that bit through multiple layers and undoubtedly brought the wind chill down to around 20...and that day was the "good" day - the least cold among a series of four bitter days we had in one week.

Of course, snow is not out of the question for October in Wisconsin; in fact, if all the rain that accompanied the wind this past week had been snow...well, suffice it to say that we'd have been buried!

I think we've escaped that this year, though, as tomorrow will be sunny and in the low 50s - yet another drastic swing in conditions from just a few days ago. But, then again, if we want banal, predictable weather, Wisconsin isn't the place to be!

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