Our Eight Days of Christmas Around the World: BONUS DAY...of a sort

When I first conceived of this "Christmas Around the World" unit study, I figured we'd do a country a day for what turned out to be eight days and then take our last day before Christmas Eve Day to do a bunch of fun activities related to American traditions - games, songs, a craft or two, and maybe some extra baking.

As it turns out, though, I am tired, both mentally and physically...and that's even before what I anticipate will be a pretty late night of gift wrapping this evening. And, while the girls have enjoyed our activities of this whole last month - starting with our Celebrate the Savior study and then going into the "Around the World" series - I know they appreciate downtime, too...and certainly don't need "busy work." So I've altered my original plans for tomorrow - and love the fact that home education affords me that luxury.

I won't list everything I thought we might or could do. Rather - using the format I've implemented throughout this series - I'll just share what we actually will do to gently wrap up this unit and slide into our Christmas vacation.


  • Christmas in the Country by Cynthia Rylant
  • Little Women, Ch. 2 by Louisa May Alcott


The girls like to make sticker art so I've pulled out some Creative Hands glittery foam Christmas ornament stickers. But that'll just be an optional activity to do at their leisure, either tomorrow or sometime between now and the beginning of January when we start back to our core curriculum.

Other Activities:

Celebrate Christmas Around the World (CCAW) contains several general Christmas-themed activities - everything from bingo to math problems. I'll have them do just one, a Christmas Codes page I think they'll enjoy.

Beyond that, we'll finish up the baby books for Jesus they made as part of our Celebrate the Savior study earlier in December. They had previously said they'd like to add a personalized page or two and would like to wrap them and put them under the tree for my husband to open in Jesus' stead on Christmas Eve.


Last year, we baked and decorated dozens and dozens of sugar cookies. This year, we only made gingerbread men, on the day we studied Germany. So I'd originally thought this last day would be "baking day." However, I've decided to move baking to next week, when we don't have any bookwork planned at all. We might not bake a ton, but we'll take some breaks from playing with Christmas toys (for the girls) and catching up on scrapbooking (for me) to make a few batches. And that way we'll have cookies to share when we enjoy a belated Christmas visit from my brother and his family on New Year's Eve and a late Christmas with my husband's family in early January.

Language Arts:

The girls will make one last page in their Christmas Around the World booklets, writing about a few of our American traditions that most stand out for them. In fact, even if we end up doing nothing else from these plans, we'll do that as a most appropriate way to conclude the booklets.

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