The Perfect Solution to the TSA Controversy

Earlier this week, my mother-in-law forwarded me the following email, for which original credit was given to one Kristi Medlin. If you read my recent post about the TSA's new "security" measures, you'll know that - to say the least - I do not support them. However, I do happen to think this is the perfect solution - a natural deterrent and guaranteed to prevent on-air explosives without violating regular folks' Fourth Amendment rights!

Here's a solution to all the controversy over full-body scanners at the airports:

All we need to do is develop a booth that you can step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have hidden on or in your body. The explosion will be contained within the sealed booth.

This would be a win-win for everyone. There would be none of this crap about racial profiling and the device would eliminate [the need for] long and expensive trials.

This is so simple that it's brilliant. I can see it now: You're in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion. Shortly thereafter an announcement comes over the PA system [saying], "Attention, standby passengers! We now have a seat available on flight number..."

Photo Credit: 89AKurt (http://www.flickr.com/photos/53074154@N00/5189520831/)

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