Catching Up

I'm astonished with the fact that more than a month has gone by since my last post! It certainly wasn't for lack of ideas - I am sure I've had at least one or two viable topics in mind each week - nor for lack of desire to write - just ask my husband how many times I've said, "I am going to work on my blog tonight!" And I know I've had enough time in the evenings to put up at least one post a week.

My problem has been exhaustion - physical and mental fatigue that drained me of the ability to do anything but scroll through my Facebook News Feed each night, making the occasional comment and posting some random status updates of my own. I've written two articles for Celebrate Kids this month - one on why kids don't respect authority and then its sister piece on how to help kids overcome that problem. But I struggled even with those and only got them out because I had deadlines imposed on me for them. In contrast, it just felt too difficult to muster up the mental energy to write something of substance here.

And, of course - like working out (something I've also slacked off on too much this month!) or visiting the dentist - the longer one goes without, the harder it seems to overcome inertia and get back at it. Plus, I feel rather paralyzed by the fact that there is so much I could talk about now...but I don't want to write a "travelogue" of my entire month just to get back up to speed. Yet, if I don't do that, there will be "gaps" - for example, in the record I've kept here of our home learning journey - and that is disheartening.

All of that has snowballed within me and yielded this unintended month-long, regretful hiatus. However, I have learned over the past several years that resilience is important...and that, often, the best way to start feeling better is to act despite not having a desire for it - because the feelings will catch up in due time.

So this is my "catch up post." Not a detailing of all the interesting things that have occurred here in recent weeks - learning about France and Kenya, the girls' fun book projects - or my reactions to current events and cultural issues or even a rave for my beloved Green Bay Packers as they sit upon the threshold of a victory in Superbowl XLV (Go Pack!). Instead, this is simply my "Just Do It" post - the one I've written to get moving again so that my feelings of motivation for more will find start finding their way toward the action.

This is short because I'm starting small on purpose. But, with regular baby steps, I will catch up.

Photo Credit: Phlorida Photog (http://www.flickr.com/photos/neilbudde/39108576/)


Kimberly said...

I've missed you, but understand. I, too, have felt exhausted, a combination of things like: mid-school year blues, being snowed in 6 days out of the week, illnesses, etc. Know that your "short" post was appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I agree. U Were Missed!!
Welcome Back :)

Lisa said...

It's great to hear from you again. Take your time and ease your way back in slowly. Although you're a writer, maybe just posting a picture or two each week will at least provide a visual highlight. :)

Shawntele said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, everyone goes through different seasons. Your writing and sharing needs to be for you - and when it happens, it is just right. Have a blessed day - and enjoy the game. I hope your Packers don't get to bashed up! *wink*

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