Totally like whatever, you know?

This week, a good friend sent me this video of an amazing poem by the contemporary slam poet, humorist, teacher, and voiceover artist, Taylor Mali. I'd never heard of him before but was absolutely bowled over by this poem. I feel it represents well my journey from the insecure college student who often gazed at the ceiling when conversing with others to the woman into whom God is molding me now - one who can speak my mind (and look people in the eye!) even when my voice shakes.

I fail at times, but I endeavor to speak in love. Of course, even with that, speaking (and writing) with conviction is often unpopular - and is sometimes even derided - because it's not "politically correct." But speak I will...because speak I must. I can't explain it other than to say I am certain God has wired me to do my best to stand up and advocate for that which is right from a biblical perspective - using declaratives, not interrogatives, as Mr. Mali so eloquently challenges.

Click here for a text copy of the poem.


Laurie said...

Say it like you mean it, sister! :-)

Jennifer said...

I think I may just have to play this every morning as a reminder for myself!

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