Anna's 100th Day!

Yesterday, on April 19, Anna celebrated her 100th day of K4 with us.

Her current learning year actually started at the end of August, so one would logically assume she'd have reached this milestone sooner. But we had days along the way where we didn't officially do K4 work. Plus - as a public school teacher's daughter - she's had vacation weeks here and there. And, most notably, her mom went on maternity leave with her baby sister at the end of February so Anna has only been coming here two or three days a week since then.

Thus, it took us a little extra time to reach 100 days on her number chart. But we nevertheless wanted to make the most of the occasion when it arrived so we devoted many of the day's activities to Anna's special accomplishment.

She started things out right by arriving for breakfast with a 100 Hat she'd made for herself.

Later, she did her calendar activity. Then I filled in the last space on her 100 chart and she proudly counted all the way from 1 to 100 with barely a glitch. In fact, her mom shared with me that afternoon that she'd played hide-and-seek with her dad over the weekend and had made him wait until she'd counted - all by herself - up to 100. Clearly, she has mastered the concept...and so we presented her with a special 100 Crown we'd made for her and serenaded her with a 100th Day Song (sung to the tune of "Tah-Rah-Rah-Boom-Dee-Ay"):

It's the 100th Day
So shout hip-hip hooray!
We'll count and eat and play
On the 100th Day!

Throughout the year, we also used our chart activity to demonstrate place value. So on this day, we finally moved everything out of the Units and Tens "houses" into the Hundreds abode and practiced skip counting by 10 in the process.

And then it was on to some games!

We started with the Jellybean Count, during which each girl rolled a die - Rachel and Abigail enjoyed joining in because they love Anna so much that they wanted to make it super fun for her...and they're actually on Easter break from their own academic endeavors - and counted out the appropriate number of candies until they all reached 100.

Then each sorted the jellybeans by color and counted the amount in each set.

Afterwards, we took a break to enjoy the 100 Cake I'd baked, which was exceedingly simple to make with the help of a bread pan, two round cake pans, and two glass custard cups.

And then they did 100 exercises - 10 each of 10 different activities. Here, Anna and Rachel had just finished their last set - tossing and catching beanbags 10 times.

Next, they brainstormed and wrote down 100 words.

And then they danced for 100 seconds (which went by too quickly for them so they asked to do more!).

Later, Anna worked on a craft, gluing 100 jewels to a number mat. She actually did part of it in the morning and part in the afternoon because, as she correctly noted, "That's a lot of jewels!" But it was worth the effort, as it turned out beautifully.

I had other activities ready and waiting - stringing 100 Fruit Loops to make a necklace, making pretty pictures out of 100 Legos or pattern blocks, working on a puzzle with 100 pieces - and we did some Easter-related activities, too. But after a while, all the girls wanted to simply spend time playing together - and the fact that they love each other so much and can enjoy each other as they do is one of the greatest blessings I've experienced since Anna's been with us starting when she was just eight weeks old. They're Sisters in Christ, and it shows!

Happy 100th K4 Day, Anna! We loved making it special for you!


Kimberly said...

Ohhhh! That sounds fun. I wish I could have read this before Leah had her 100 day. We didn't do near enough fun things.

Homeschooling6 said...

What fun!!! You are a good mama. I meant to do something for our 100th day but it never happened.

Ellen said...

thanks for this. i think i'll do this too. what great ideas!

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