Prizes Apparently Come in 3's

When I participated in the 2011 Ultimate Blog Party earlier this month, I didn't consciously enter any of the many giveaway contests. That's why a lot of ladies join the party in the first place, but, for one thing, I would have had to provide a Twitter account to win the big prizes - except, as plugged in as I am, I don't do Twitter and don't have a desire to start. Secondly, though winning something is always fun, I decided that my real reason for being part of the event was to connect with more like-minded bloggers - and so getting "stuff" was not necessary.

That said, a bunch of ladies offered giveaways right on their party posts, and for some the only "entry form" was a comment. I left comments, but only because my goal had been to leave a comment on every non-spam blog I read, not to win prizes. In fact, I didn't even think twice about any of the particular giveaways.

But then, lo and behold, I unexpectedly received word last Friday that I'd won a prize - a cute little journal - in a random drawing from among those who'd left comments on MOD Squad. "What fun!" I thought. "A nice bonus from the party."

And then the very next day, I was notified that I'd won a "Mystery Box" from Diabetic Snacker (I'm not diabetic, but she was on the list!) - which turned out to include all of this. And I thought, "Wow. How likely is it that I'd win two prizes?"

But my winning streak wasn't over yet - because, on Monday, Rachel over at The Cupcake Sprinkles in Life informed me that I'd won her giveaway, too (!): a copy of The Moon Shines Down by Margaret Wise Brown and Laura Minchew.

We've always loved anything by Mrs. Wise Brown, and I immediately thought this would be good to read regularly to Baby Leah when she starts coming full-time next month. But I also realized that, even right now for my girls, it'll be a sweet little book to enjoy together because the text talks about how the moon shines on all the different places in the world - so it's a perfect little bonus with which to wrap up our year's study of world geography.

Truly, my mailbox runneth over - and I feel a little guilty winning so much. But at least I wasn't coveting or trying, so I'll just seek to honor the givers by making good use of their presents.

I wonder if anyone who really wanted stuff won as much?


Kimberly said...

Funny! Isn't that the way it seems to go? Congratulations.

Mrs. Zwieg said...

Congratulations! That had to be SO much fun for you! :)

Katie said...

That is wonderful, I enter giveaways all the time, someone has to win it so I figure I might as well take a few minutes for teh chance, especially if it is something I don;t have the money for but would love to have,I havent really won anything yet.

Diva Latina said...

That's too funny and wonderful. Congratulations! I left a number of comments but didn't score swag like you. Maybe next year? Hmmm.


Alicia said...

That is amazing ... your prize winnings. Do you plan to go out and play the lottery now? ;) I also just join in on UBP to meet new people. They have some great giveaways but, too many hoops to jump through. :)

Have a great week!

jessica guthrie said...

Ok So I am running behind...just a little but I made it. Glad i finally made it over to follow your blog too! Lucky you!! Enjoy the rest of your week! miamamiahs@live.com

Homeschooling6 said...

Wow, what a blessing! Congrats!

Abbi said...

How fun that you won 3 things!!
I didn't enter the contests of 5 minutes for Mom either because of having to have a twitter account. That was a little disapointing that they had it that way but then I thought- I don't really need anything anyway! :-)
I had a winning streak on blog giveaways last year but it seems to have dried up just now but that is okay! :-)

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