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Every year, the girls share a party - with each other and with my father-in-law, who also has a May birthday.

Unlike what many people choose to do, it's not a kids'-only event with structured activities and party favors, and we don't host it at a fancy venue. We simply invite family, of course, and then some of the girls' friends and their families to our home for an open house-style gathering.

The kids run off to play (usually outside, but this year they were house-bound because of a solid week of steady rain prior to Sunday - not to mention 25 mph winds on party day!), demonstrating within minutes that not one of them has a problem with socialization. We provide breaks at different times for cake, the gift-opening, and doing the piƱata (always a pull-string, by the girls' choice). I put out snacks, and my mother-in-law makes a different punch every year. The adults - a mix of relatives and both church and homeschool friends - get a chance to chat with each other while seeing to kids' needs as necessary.

The girls and I had gone on a Mother-Daughter shopping trip last week to choose their birthday party outfits. If you know them, you'll inevitably smile at how each picked something that exactly suits her personality.

Since they were three and four, the girls have asked for "princess cakes" every year - so I've certainly gotten my money's worth from the molds I bought seven years ago! And, of course, we always make a cake for Grandpa, too...and he's always thankful I forgo the skirt for him!

The girls are always blessed with very generous gifts from everyone - things they don't even need, of course, but which are much appreciated nonetheless. They had recently shared with me that they wanted more Ken dolls because so many of their Barbies were not able to marry (of course, I know that the larger issue is that they have too many Barbies...but that's a topic for another time, lol!), and I passed on that knowledge to a few people when asked about presents. And so - among several other things - they both received three Ken dolls each!

They've decided that the new Kens are all brothers - sextuplets, of course - and that they are to live, at least for the time being, together with their mother in the big dollhouse Jeff and I decided to give them as a joint gift (and which they helped him assemble after our guests went home). However, I'm sure it won't be too long before I hear of several joyous wedding ceremonies.

Getting ready for the party can be hectic for me - I go on a necessary cleaning frenzy while still trying to keep up with school and babysitting, and all the details sometimes stress me. But I love the actual party day every year. And - though several people we'd love to have had over couldn't make it this time - this year was no exception.


Kimberly said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful family day.

Diva Latina said...

Happy Birthday every body! :oD

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