A is for Abigail

On this day nine years ago, my "baby girl," Abigail, was born. Coming as she did less than a year after her sister's birth, she was our surprise...but a most welcome one, indeed. In fact, she's more than lived up to the meaning of her name - "father's joy" (and her mother's as well!) - since her rather amusing arrival.

When I participated in the Ultimate Blog Party last month, I introduced myself using an acrostic. That was well-received, so here is an acrostic snapshot - just a glimpse - of my Abigail:

She's developed a notable, wry sense of humor which she employs regularly to make herself and others laugh. Most often, her jokes involve plays on words, a nod to her highly developed word-smart gifts.

As her mom, I know I'm biased on this one - and, truly, every child is a beautiful gift from God - but I am often blown away by Abigail's beauty. Yes, her external prettiness - look at that face! - but, much more than that, in terms of her inner beauty, the reflection of how she allows the Holy Spirit to shine through her.

It's possible I'm biased here, too, but I don't think so. Even as a toddler, others made note of different ways in which her intelligence showed, and that's only become more obvious as she's matured. She picks up on almost everything very quickly and, as I noted above, is especially gifted in linguistic areas.

Abigail could be a poster-child for femininity, choosing often to wear dresses and, no matter what she wears, being careful to be "just so." She's also very active - at the moment, she's outside climbing our tree and hanging from the swings so she looks a little like a ragamuffin - but deep in her personality is a desire to be a lady.

She has many as-of-yet-untapped talents, to be sure, but two abilities that really stand out already are her crafting skill and her voice. Abigail can make just about anything from paper - she simply conceives an idea and starts cutting, folding, and taping until something amazing appears - and has shown talent with clay as well. And her singing voice is something rich and gorgeous beyond her years, a gift I hope she shares with others to glorify God as she gets older.

Besides how she uses her imagination in her artwork, Abigail and her sister can (and do!) spend hours in imaginative play, often involving Barbies or Polly Pockets, and likely reflecting their interpretations of some topic we've been recently studying in our bookwork. When they tell me just a few of the details, I'm amazed at the intricacy of their creative thought processes.

Abigail is one of the most soft-hearted people I know. She hurts when others hurt and instinctively puts others' needs above her own almost all the time. She lavishes love on our pets, on her sister, and on the little children for whom I babysit - in fact, they gravitate to her because they know she genuinely enjoys being with them. And one of her favorite times of day (mine, too!) is when we read together...because that's also cuddle time.

Obviously, she's not perfect. But today is a day to celebrate this child who has been such a blessing to me, and so I've chosen to focus on some of her strengths. This precious girl is amazing in many ways...but mostly just because she IS.

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Homeschooling6 said...

Awww.........what a cute picture.
Thanks for your encouraging words with regards to HWT.

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