Living Well Blog Hop: Week 1

My friends Laurie and Jo over at Living Well Moms have decided to start what they hope will become a weekly blog hop through which we "mommy bloggers" can encourage each other to "live well." I was honored when they asked if I'd help to host the hop, and I encourage all of you - my dear readers - to join in. After all, we often benefit from the wisdom of others and, as busy wives and mothers, we need to do the best we can to be healthy in every way.

So take a moment to read the directions for the hop. Then jump on in with your own post and be sure to link it back here.

As for my own idea for this week, I must start with the spiritual because, for me, that's the foundation of everything else. Specifically, I live better in every way when I prioritize spending time with the Lord - starting with a choice to open my Bible and read.

The difference it makes has actually amazed me, but there's no doubt about it. And all it takes is a willingness to put Him first and just a few minutes of Bible reading - I have a one-year Bible that takes just 10 to 15 minutes a day - which then orients me toward Him for the rest of the day. It's not "magic," of course - some days are still difficult in one way or another - but I have seen time and again how that simple act of obedience opens me up to His power for living. Thus, I see a marked difference within and around me between days when I do this and days when I don't.

What about you? Do you have a healthy-living tip to share? If so, read on! I look forward to reading your ideas.


Welcome to the Living Well blog hop! We’d like to invite you to share a blog post about what you do to "live well." It could be a healthy recipe, exercise tips, ideas for relaxing, getting organized, lifestyle improvements – anything you feel makes your life better.

Your Living Well hosts for the week are:

Please abide by our Living Well Blog Hop guidelines:
  1. Please provide a link back to one of the Living Well host blogs in your post. And also grab the button below if you'd like;
  2. Please link to a specific post in your blog, not your blog’s home page;
  3. If you link a recipe, please use real foods and avoid highly processed ingredients;
  4. Be aware that the hosts of the blog hop reserve the right to remove any posts we deem inappropriate;
  5. If you don’t have a blog, please leave a comment to share what you’ve done to live well this week.
Living Well Blog Hop

Thanks for joining us in Living Well.

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