Living Well Blog Hop: Week 2

It's time again for the Living Well Blog Hop - an opportunity to share with others something you've found to be a help in "living well." So take a moment to read the directions (below) for the hop. Then jump on in with your own post and be sure to link it back here.

I worked on simplification this week.

Now, since becoming a mom and, especially, since embarking on our journey of home education, I've learned to live with a certain amount of inevitable clutter - the "stuff" that goes along with kids' interests and activities, the books and materials necessary for home learning, and the messiness that results because we actually live here (instead of spending most of our waking hours away at jobs and school). But I still require a general clean-up each night and try to keep my personal space fairly organized. And, every once in a while, I must yield to a deep-seated need within myself to simplify.

A few weeks ago, I used that desire to clean up the girls' extensive home library. And this week I instituted "phase two" of that process by actually getting rid of the books and materials I'd removed from the shelves...and from my home education curriculum stores as well.

First, I took a bunch of things to the annual used book sale hosted by my local homeschool association. Then I chose to try selling the remaining items via other venues - and, lo and behold, after posting classifieds on The Homeschool Lounge and on my association's website, as well as a note on Facebook, all the materials I deemed "sell-able" were on their way to new homes! Lastly, I delivered a box of children's books - 104 titles to be exact - to my local library, which takes on-going donations.

The bookshelves look amazingly better - and my girls have been reading more now that they can actually see what's available. I still need to ship and hand-deliver a few items, but my office space is much-improved, too - which seems to make me literally breathe more easily and also motivates me toward starting our next academic year in early July. And, as an undeniably sweet bonus, I now have a little extra cash in my purse and my Paypal account!

What about you? Do you have a healthy-living tip to share? If so, read on! I look forward to hearing your ideas.


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1 comment:

Laurie said...

Hi Tina!

I cleaned and reorganized half of my pantry this week. First, I had to make room in the computer room, so part of those shelves got cleaned and rearranged, and some books moved to the basement. Then the art supplies moved out of the pantry (and the old, dried up markers and paint got pitched). Now I have much easier access to my dehydrator and room for the new stick blender I bought, plus a host of other items. (The pantry shelves had been overflowing.) Much better!

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