Discipleship Deliberation: Vol. 1, Issue 2


My online friend, Q, recently started a home education-related link up she calls Discipleship Deliberation. I like Q's way of looking at life - great minds think alike, lol! - and so I'm going to try her format for our weekly home learning summaries. If you'd like to join in, just visit Q to get her button, read her deliberation for the week, and review her guidelines, and link up.


The week in general ~
This post actually describes July 10-16, our wonderful vacation week at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp - because I wanted to be sure to share, albeit a bit belatedly.

In our studies this week ~
Of course, the week's camp activities encompassed plenty of education in and of themselves - since all of life is learning. In addition, we did a bit of bookwork, too.

The girls demonstrated the skills they've developed through swim lessons and pre-team classes over the past couple of years by passing their camp swim tests for the first time. That enabled them to try the kayaks and "Fun Bug," which they loved, as well as giving them permission to swim in "the deep end." In fact, they were in the water as much as possible.

We also took a lovely nature walk with camp friends one day, and the girls and Jeff made a couple of neat crafts, including these beautiful headbands.

In terms of bookwork, we did some light work in math, spelling, and language arts during Jeff's morning chapel each day, and the girls read to me most days on a swing overlooking the beautiful lake. We also continued our studies of the earliest years after Creation, reading about Cain and Abel and Noah. In addition to the Bible, we really enjoyed two books - Dinosaurs of Eden by Ken Ham and Adam and His Kin by Ruth Beechick - to flesh out the history. A highlight of the lessons was venturing over to the camp ball field to measure the size of the Ark, which was 450 long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet tall. It's a good thing we were at camp then because I can't think of another location (other than Lambeau Field!) where we could have had a big enough space to mark that out!

Can you see Abigail way in the distance in the red top? She's 450 feet away from Rachel!

What needs some tweaking ~
I'm having "curriculum issues" - some difficulties with the recommended history and science texts for this year's course of study. I'm still working through what that means in terms of tweaking - whether it will be small or large - but something will definitely be changing there. More on that next week!

My own discipleship ~
As I did last year, I stayed behind in our cabin while Jeff and the girls went to breakfast each day, so that I could enjoy some quiet devotional time alone. One of the best decisions ever because that time - reading from my one-year Bible and continuing in Made to Crave - provided just the spiritual footing I need (whether at camp or at home).

The best thing about the week ~
Though I love my online connections through Facebook, The Homeschool Lounge, and fellow bloggers, I chose to unplug myself for the week - and am so glad I did! The break was refreshing, and I used my time to work on an important, good old-fashioned stitching project that must be completed by the end of September. Ah!

Questions, comments, thoughts ~
Besides the swim tests and their subsequent forays into deeper water and more advanced aquatic activities, we reached another milestone in the girls' growing up. Namely, this was the first year we allowed them to sometimes hang out at places around the camp - mostly the playground - without us. We know there's a balance between caution and growing their abilities to handle the world independent of us, so we're thankful that camp is a place where we can feel comfortable (after the initial anxiety!) letting them spread their wings.

Something to share ~ My kayakers:


Stacie said...

Tina, this sounds like a lovely week. Although I'm not the "camping type" even a camping vacation sounds good to me right about now! LOL

God bless!

Tina Hollenbeck said...

Oh, Stacie, it wasn't really camping - as in sleeping in a tent or any other sort of roughing it. My hubby enjoys that, but I most definitely do not! This camp has really nice cabins - complete with modern bathroom facilities in each one - and we are treated to the wonderful cooking (in a modern dining hall) of the camp chef. Lots of outdoor activities, but plenty of amenities, too. :^)

Q said...

LOVE unplugging!

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