Discipleship Deliberation: Vol. 1, Issue 3


My online friend, Q, recently started a home education-related link-up she calls Discipleship Deliberation. I like Q's way of looking at life - great minds think alike, lol! - and so I'm adopting her format for our weekly home learning summaries. If you'd like to join in, just visit Q to get her button, read her deliberation for the week, review her guidelines, and link up.


The week in general ~
This was Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) week at church, meaning the girls were gone at "Discover Island" every morning from 9:00 to noon. As always, they had a wonderful time, and the Lord blessed the hard work and servant-hearts exhibited by the church staff and many volunteers. I'm so thankful for their dedication!

In our studies this week ~
Since all of life is learning, VBC definitely counts as part of this week's studies! Each day, the girls memorized a Scripture verse, learned biblical principles (primarily using the life of Peter as a jumping-off point), sang praises to the Lord, watched a drama, did an art project, and played games (of both the large- and small-muscle variety, lol). And they even managed to include the "socialization thing" by interacting with 250 kids and over 100 adult and teen helpers...and each one perhaps planted the seeds of friendship with one other girl in her small group, too.

At home in the afternoons, we managed a bit of bookwork - regular doses of language arts and some math, spelling, and reading, along with piano practice - though, admittedly, none of us had the greatest enthusiasm for it this week. I do like the idea of continuing year-round with studies, but I may have to plan to take a brief hiatus from formal academics during VBC next year!

What needs some tweaking ~
As I mentioned in last week's deliberation (which, admittedly, I posted just yesterday!), I've met with some unexpected "curriculum issues" that need some level of tweaking...and perhaps even overhauling. Unfortunately, I still don't exactly know what that will entail so I can't say more yet. But I expect I will know (and share) by the end of this coming week.

My own discipleship ~
...kind of fell by the wayside - which probably goes a long way toward explaining how tense and emotionally tired I feel today. All I really need to get back on track, of course, is a short daily dose of the Word...so what I really need right now is what my friend Nancy calls "want power" to do that.

The best thing about the week ~
We took in our friend's cat, Skippy, on a trial basis, with the idea of adopting her if she and our cats - Sparkle, Sweater, and Clawde - could adjust to each other. But, of course, if you know anything about cats, you know that's no small feat when we're talking about two "adolescent" and two "elderly" felines!

And, to be sure, we've had our fair share of hissing and growling...and they're not yet quite friendly with each other. But the boys (Sweater and Clawde) have not been phased much at all. In fact, Clawde even made the most amazing conciliatory gesture I've yet seen among cats when he inched toward Skippy one morning even as she was growling more and more loudly. Then, when he was about a foot away, he laid down in a very submissive position (keeping in mind that he outweighs her at least two to one!) as if to say, "You can be my friend!" She was, of course, noticeably flumoxed by that...but after a few minutes she stopped growling, and they just sat that way for a long while. And, since then, she hasn't hissed at him or Sweater.

Sparkle is still more tentative - and Skippy still hisses and growls at her - but I've been very surprised at the relative speed with which even they have adapted to this point. And Skippy is very happy with all of us humans, purring and rubbing and curling up by us often. I wasn't looking to add to our feline family, but I'm glad we chose to try helping out our friend. And it is nice to have another furry companion around here.

Questions, comments, thoughts ~
If one claims to use a certain curriculum, at what point in making "tweaks" and adjustments to the materials does one admit to not really using the curriculum anymore after all?

Something to share ~
Rachel got phase one of her orthodontic treatment on Wednesday, and she chose "screaming pink" for the rubber bands on her brackets. Isn't she beautiful?

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Q said...

One doesn't have to 'admit' that they're no longer using certain curricula, it's not like a failure or anything. It's ok, even if we're a big supporter of it, to say, "ABC doesn't fit right now." AND, saying that DOESN'T mean, "ABC sucks!"

There are things we've used, we've loved, and we've dropped, but I'm still able to recommend them when I think they'll fit the bill.

Love the cats, hope the new one works out! :)

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