2011-2012 Mystery of History Blog Roll

Mystery of History Blog Roll

I just decided to switch to Mystery of History (MOH) for our home education program, and I am really looking forward to diving into Volume 1 in a couple of weeks. In terms of connecting with other MOH users, I certainly appreciate the MOH yahoo group I joined and the Facebook page, as well as the MOH group on The Homeschool Lounge and the fact that Linda Hobar and others on staff with her are so accessible to customers.

But I'd also really love to connect with other homeschooling, blogging moms who use MOH. I asked around for a MOH Blog Roll, but no one knew of such a venue. Thus, necessity (or desire, I guess, in this case) being the mother of invention...I decided to grab that bull by the horns and create my own MOH Blog Roll, post-haste!

SO...if you use any volume of MOH with any age child(ren) and you have a blog that at least occasionally includes MOH/homeschool-related posts, please join up!


It's simple, really:
  • When you join the roll below, list your name and the MOH volume you'll be using this year (i.e., Tina H. - Vol.1), which will become a caption for your thumbnail in the linky;
  • Then grab the button code above the linky tool to post on your blog (in a post about the blog roll and/or in your sidebar). Anyone who clicks the button will be directed here and can list her own blog and/or visit the blogs in the link-up...and you'll be able to quickly come back here to check out all the new entries in the coming weeks;
  • Do take some time to return here often to visit others in the link-up! Let them know you were there and consider following those you find particularly helpful or interesting.

I can't wait to get to know you and to share our Mystery of History learning year together!

Mystery of History Blog Roll


Lisa said...

Wow, you're changing things up this year. You used MFW last year, right? We are continuing on with MFW, heading into Rome to the Reformation. We did Creation to the Greeks last year.

I wish you the best this year!

Ticia said...

We just finished year 1, and we were going on to year 2, but have some friends who requested we do the Explorers in the Woods Time Travelers with them.

Betty said...

The first time I added my link, it gave me an error, so I added again, now I am there 2 times. Please feel free to delete my extra. ;) Thanks so much for putting this together. ;)

Tracey said...

Hey girlie. Funny how my searching for a MOH blog roll led me to YOUR blog! :o) So, is there a MOH blog roll now?