Discipleship Deliberation: Vol. 2, Issue 1


My online friend, Q, has a home education-related link-up she calls Discipleship Deliberation. I like Q's way of looking at life - great minds think alike, lol! - and so I've adopted her format for our weekly home learning summaries. If you'd like to join in, just visit Q to get her button, read her deliberation for the week, review her guidelines, and link up.

By the way, in case you're keeping track (as I'm sure every one of my readers is!), you might note that I've suddenly leapt to "Volume 2" of this series even though there were only three issues in Volume 1. But I've decided to match volume to academic term. Thus, since we (re)started a new term this week, it's time for Volume 2.


The week in general ~
The girls' good friend Hallie spent four days with us this week (and will return Monday through Friday next week, too). This brought back memories of "old times" because I babysat Hallie the year she was five. That was a great year, and we're very glad to have maintained our connection with Hallie and her family since then.

In our studies this week ~
Though I did keep things light - both because of Hallie's presence and due to feeling I "owed" the girls something for July (i.e., our early "false start" on a new academic term) - this was, nevertheless, our first week of a new year as far as our records go.

So all three girls read, practiced piano, and did some math review most days...Rachel and Abigail also did a bit of spelling review...we started reading The Tanglewoods' Secret over lunch...and we did science together almost every day, focusing on Day 1 activities (about light) from 106 Days of Creation Studies. The weather didn't always cooperate - it's rather impossible to do experiments about light and shadow in a downpour or on a totally overcast day! - but we had fun today watching how shadows change over the course of time and seeing how our homemade sundials worked.

What needs some tweaking ~
With academics, it's too soon to say. We've barely scratched the surface of some materials and haven't even cracked open others. And a full "typical daily schedule" won't exist until September. Plus, frankly, I'm "all tweaked out" at the moment anyway, given the "curriculum adventure" I've been on the past couple of weeks.

My own discipleship ~
...got back on track a bit, as I found myself remembering to prioritize my time with the Lord a little more than I had in recent weeks. But I need to be more deliberate in terms of seeking growth, not just maintenance.

The best thing about the week ~
...was finalizing my decisions about our home learning curricula for the year! In a way, I still feel rather whiplashed by the decision I've made to move away from My Father's World in favor of different materials (Mystery of History and 106 Days of Creation Studies, among other things). And I'm still baffled by the Lord's ultimate purpose for leading me in this direction. But I'm sure clarity will come in due time. And, in the meantime, I'm truly excited about this new direction and can hardly wait to rev up to full speed...but I have made a commitment to go easy on the girls until Labor Day, so I will exercise patience.

Questions, comments, thoughts ~
How does one approach a relationship - the most crucial relationship of all - with the right balance of spontaneity and structure? I want to just "be real" with the Lord each day and not turn the relationship into a ritual (i.e., through certain "required" readings, etc.). But I also want to keep tabs on myself and my spiritual growth in some meaningful way. Pondering the notion of doing some sort of journaling during my "quiet times." Wondering if this is the time for that again.

Something to share ~
My husband calls me All-or-Nothing-Tina for good reason, I suppose. Once I set my feet upon a path, I do go all-out. And so, though I am a complete newbie to Mystery of History (and, thus, can't yet contribute any substantive ideas in terms of using the curriculum!), I decided to set up a Mystery of History Blog Roll! Check it out, especially if you use MOH and blog about your experiences.
Mystery of History Blog Roll

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Q said...

In June I set up a prayer notebook based on the video link below and tweaked to my personal needs. I LOVE it! I also find that just reading, with no 'must read this much today' helps with the spontaneity and allows the Lord to lead me through as much as he wants, or as little - if he wants my focus tighter that day.


Have fun discovering what he has for you! :)

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