Discipleship Deliberation: Vol. 2, Issue 2


My online friend, Q, has a home education-related link-up she calls Discipleship Deliberation. I like Q's way of looking at life - great minds think alike, lol! - and so I've adopted her format for our weekly home learning summaries. If you'd like to join in, just visit Q to get her button, read her deliberation for the week, review her guidelines, and link up.


The week in general ~
The girls' friend, Hallie, spent another week with us, and we had a great time together. Earlier this summer, Hallie gave us the high compliment of telling her mom she wished she could "do homeschool" with us - and we definitely would do that if we could! Too bad for a rather ridiculous stipulation in the state homeschool law that forbids such an arrangement.

Then on Sunday, we had a visit from my brother and his family - part of a planned family photo session that went awry due to weather issues. But we had a sweet time together at church and then at our local zoo - and I still marvel at how the Lord has worked in our family.

In our studies this week ~
For science, we did a bit more with light and then started a unit on the atmosphere. Then all the girls worked on projects for the literature books they'd finished the previous week and presented them to each other on Friday. And we finished our read-aloud, The Tanglewoods' Secret, which left us all rather breathless in the end.

With our little friend, Anna, in tow, we also took a field trip on Wednesday, driving nearly two hours north to The DeYoung Family Zoo, where we enjoyed observing wolves, hyenas, a camel, some farm animals, and at least a dozen "big cats."

What needs some tweaking ~
It's still too soon in our new term to say...though, as we start a new week today without the distraction of a visiting friend, we will need to purpose to be diligent in our planned studies.

My own discipleship ~
I need to purchase the book - Freedom for Mothers by Denise Glenn - we'll be using in the new Core4 group I've joined at church. I've gone through and enjoyed Mrs. Glenn's Wisdom for Mothers study and am looking forward to the fellowship and accountability I'll experience with three other home-educating moms who are already friends.

The best thing about the week ~
...was finalizing our personalized study grids for the rest of August and all of September. I initially thought I'd plan further out, but decided to use the next six weeks to insure that this format will work before I put more time into it. Besides that, I realized that planning monthly (or quarterly at the most) is probably best in terms of keeping the plans accurate. More on the grids in a separate post, probably later this week.

Questions, comments, thoughts ~
The little 14-year old cat we were trying to foster and possibly adopt went home on Saturday. Over the four weeks we had her, she'd become progressively more stressed by the presence of other cats in the house and, when she lost control of her bowels on our bed, we decided enough was enough.

Her owner called on Sunday to announce that she was listless and continuing to have "accidents," news that leads me to believe the stress of trying to adjust to a new environment has set the ol' gal on the path of no return. I've seen it before; stress does things to cats that other animals can often overcome. So I won't be surprised to hear in the next few days of her demise. Very sad, but I must admit to being thankful it didn't happen here. The girls have already experienced the death of a couple of cats and they will, of course, deal with death many times in their lives - but I'm glad we're avoiding the angst of that right now since the cat wasn't even really ours.

Something to share ~
I'm still looking for ladies to link up with my new Mystery of History Blog Roll. If you use MOH, check it out and join up. Then spread the word to your fellow MOH-using friends! In fact, even if you don't use MOH, I sure would appreciate a shout-out among your (blogging and Facebook) networks so that MOH users find us.
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