Discipleship Deliberation: Vol. 2, Issue 5


The week in general ~
This was our transition week - the last one with extra kids to babysit and work around.

Don't get me wrong; I was happy to have the girls' friend Hallie here so much this month - including two days this week - because she's a good friend and a good girl. And it was great to see our little buddy Tegen, for whom I babysat the last five years, on Friday. But, though we did start a new term at the beginning of August, we really couldn't begin to jump into our full academic routine with all the coming and going. I planned activities in which I could easily include Hallie all month - and Tegen did some PK4/5 work with Anna yesterday - but I've still felt "in flux" all month. So I'm looking forward to Tuesday, when it'll just be my two girls and Anna and Baby Leah. Then we can really embrace the new term...on our terms.

In our studies this week ~
We finally dove into Mystery of History (MOH)! I've been chomping at the bit to start ever since I determined in late July to switch to MOH, but circumstances seemed to warrant waiting, so I did (and tried to think of it as an exercise in patience, lol).

But the waiting was over on Thursday! Of course, we've only done two lessons so far, but I'm already pleased. Rachel and Abigail concurred that the readings are quite engaging, and I even feel comfortable including Anna (modifying her post-reading activities, of course). I can't fully explain it yet (though I believe an ability to do that will come once I actually work more with the materials), but I do know I have peace about MOH...and that's really important.

What needs some tweaking ~
I can't say since next week will (finally) be our first attempt at the daily schedule I've envisioned for this term. But we shall see what I have to say about it a week from now!

My own discipleship ~
Though I'm not a morning person at all (!), I do best overall when I get up early for a daily workout and then come home for quiet time with God before all the typical hubbub gets going around here. But I've been way off-kilter with both habits lately. So I'm going to use the occasion of getting our real schedule going to get back on track with all of that.

The best thing about the week ~
...was NOT sending my girls away from home on Thursday, the first official day back for all the public (and most institutional private) schools in the state. In fact, not only did we mark the occasion with quiet joy at home, we also celebrated with a NOT-Back-to-School Picnic at a local park.

At the last minute, I thought to put out an invitation to our local homeschool association, and two other families joined us for a time. I'm quite sure the handful of parents at the park with their toddlers wondered what several school-aged kids were doing there on "the first day of school" - and I am rebel enough to have wished someone would have asked.

But mostly I simply enjoyed our freedom to do as we wished smack in the middle of a beautiful late-summer day. And I've decided I'm going to organize this as an annual event for local homeschoolers starting a year from now. If I give enough notice, I think we could make quite a to-do of it...and create a neat tradition for our family and others in the process.

Questions, comments, thoughts ~
So glad for the end of the preseason - in our home learning and with our Green Bay Packers. Yes, the regular football season starts this coming week - step one toward bringing home another Lombardi Trophy. Go Pack!

Something to share ~
We used the occasion on Wednesday of Hallie's last day with us - thinking of it as her "last hurrah" before returning to public school the next day - to visit Mulberry Lane Farm again, our third foray there in less than a year. Other than Anna's unexpected fear of riding a pony by herself, we all had a great time.

My online friend, Q, started this home education-related link-up she calls Discipleship Deliberation, and I've really enjoyed the format. If you'd like to join in, just visit Q at Napalm in the Morning to get her button, read her deliberation for the week, review her guidelines, and link up.
I'm also linking this post to the Homeschool Blog Link-Up 9/2 over at Virtuous Foundations where, incidentally, Lea named me as a featured blog last week.

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