Have You Heard of Library and Educational Services?

In June, my blogging friend Deb over at Not Inadequate wrote about an amazing deal she'd received from an online bookseller called Library and Educational Services (LES). Specifically, when she purchased $100 worth of books, she got another $100 worth for free! What's more, because LES is a wholesaler - offering books for 30% to 70% off retail even without the double-your-money sale – $100 goes a long way.

In reality, we needed more books like my friends in Arizona and Texas need more heat...but I was so impressed with the variety and quality (not to mention the Christian emphasis) of the materials that I couldn't resist.

Now, interestingly, we experienced several glitches with my order:
  1. PayPal (not LES) messed up the billing, triple-charged (!) me, refused to acknowledge that the error was theirs, and took their sweet time refunding my money;
  2. LES accidently sent me the wrong order at first;
  3. Some of my books were backordered and, thus, didn't arrive for several weeks.

But, actually, I've discovered that it's through such events that one can really see the service heart - the customer service heart - of a company. And LES exhibited supreme customer service through everything:
  1. They couldn't speed up the PayPal refund process, but immediately investigated whether the error could have been theirs - and Brandon (brandon@libraryanded.com), with whom I worked through all the glitches, assured me he would have expedited the refund if it were in his power to do so;
  2. In fact, Brandon readily responded to the several emails I sent him over the course of a couple of weeks and was always extremely prompt, helpful, and gracious;
  3. When I informed Brandon that I'd received the wrong order, LES immediately arranged for FedEx to come and pick up the order at my house, bending over backwards to insure that I was not inconvenienced in any way;
  4. When Brandon realized that copies of one of the five backordered books would not arrive at LES for some time, he sent me the one in-stock copy he found...even though his own daughter had set it aside on a "wish list" for herself (!);
  5. Each part of my shipment arrived here within two days of leaving the LES warehouse.

I also feel confident that the glitches I experienced are not commonplace with LES; Deb was surprised that any issues arose, as she has lots of experience with them and has never had a problem. So I feel safe in saying that, if you decide to order from LES, you needn't expect problems; however, if something would go awry, I also feel supremely confident in saying that LES will take good care of you while they work their tails off to make things right.

To my knowledge, LES is not currently running a "two-fer" sale such as the one I used. However, given their deep discounts, I suggest taking a look anyway - and at least bookmarking the site for future reference. The one caveat is that you must be a missionary, an educator of some sort - a homeschooler or a classroom teacher - or represent a church or library to take advantage of the service. But, if you fit into any of those categories, LES is a great resource!


By the way, I did not receive any compensation for this review; I simply told Brandon I wanted to spread the word about LES after my experiences with them. If you do visit the site through the link I provided above, the folks at LES will know you came to them through my blog, but the most I'll receive from any sales this post might generate is a gracious thank you from Brandon. And that's fine with me!


Anonymous said...

I have used LES for some time now, and I have never had a problem, so I am sure what you experienced isn't normal and is in fact like you said, a chance to see how great they can perform. This company rocks, they have the BEST prices on many items. Especially audio CDs and DVDs. And I'm not paid to say any of this either. :)

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

I've also used LES many times over the past 3 years and have never had a problem. I would highly recommend them. Great deals, great resources! Now, if I just had an unlimited budget. . . haha

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