31 Days of Being Real: Day 1 - Introduction

For some crazy reason, I felt compelled to investigate when I heard about the "31 Day Challenge" hosted over at Nesting Place (and seven other blogs). The idea is to write about one topic for 31 days - yes, that will mean posting something relevant every day this month! - which is more than a little intimidating even for someone who loves writing as much as I. After all, besides choosing a meaningful 31-day topic, there's the matter of finding time to write every.single.day and, of course, the challenge of deciding just what to say in each post. So I'm not quite sure I'm up to it...but I'm going to give it a whirl!

This blog is called Being Made New because I really do hope it reflects my (all-too-often messy) journey towards being conformed to the image of Christ in all areas of my life. I know I won't "arrive" until the day I see the Lord face-to-face, but I take Scripture at its word when it proclaims (in 2 Corinthians 4.16, for example) that I am in-process...even when I don't feel like it. And I hope the overall tone of this blog reflects that reality.

Part of what God has worked with me on in recent years is being honest and authentic - which entails "telling it like it really is," in the world and in my own life. On societal issues, that has meant boldly speaking out even when my opinions aren't popular. Personally, it's meant working on becoming less "plastic" and more vulnerable and real so that (ideally) others might see Jesus' continuing work within one rather ordinary (albeit sin-twisted) life.

And that's where the idea for my 31-day topic took root: that I will take time to write each day about what's really going on...in my own life and, perhaps, in the world around me according to how I see things. Of course, I don't yet know exactly what I'll write about each day - I'll have to go with the flow on that! - but, based on what's most important to me, I can guarantee posts about home-based education, parenting, and our family life, along with probable expositions on healthy living and various social issues...and whatever else comes up along the way.

Whatever I end up saying, I promise I'll do my very best to be "real" - whatever that means on any given day!

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Robin said...

Yay! Looking forward to this! :)

Stacie said...

Robin took the words right out of my mouth! I'm looking forward to this as well.

Take care and happy writing!

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