31 Days of Being Real: Day 11 - Shameless Self-Promotion

Since this month is all about being real, let me just skip the beating around the bush and say it flat-out:

I'd really like to win a Homeschool Blog Award!

I heard about this last year, though I didn't enter myself and, to my knowledge, have never been nominated by someone else. But I've been at this blogging thing for about three years now and have been told on a regular basis that my posts encourage and - yikes! - even inspire. Plus, I feel God's tug toward some sort of eventual ministry to homeschoolers, so being recognized by this award would be a tremendous step toward getting my name "out there" in the home education community. Of course, winning one of the awesome prizes would be nice, too...but I really would settle for name recognition.

So...if you've enjoyed reading Being Made New and are so-inclined, I would treasure your nomination in one of the 20 categories. You needn't be a fellow homeschooler or a fellow blogger to submit a nomination - just someone with a name (!) and email address who enjoys my blog and thinks it fits into one of the categories.

Each voter can only nominate me in one category on the entry form. Of course, different people may think I fit into different categories, and where you might nominate me is up to you. But I'd suggest that I might reasonably fit in as the:
  • Best Encourager
  • Best Current Events, Opinions or Politics Blog
  • Best Variety

I won't presume to be eligible for either apparent elite category - Favorite Homeschool Mom Blog or Best SUPER-HOMESCHOOLER - but I'll leave that decision up to you.

GO HERE NOW and enter my URL:

And, if enough of you chime in,
perhaps I'll be able to echo Sally Field's sentiments
when she won an Oscar for Norma Rae:

"You like me; you really like me!"


To read other 31 Day blogs and/or join in yourself, visit Nesting Place.

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Anonymous said...

Consider yourself nominated! You help me out a lot, and I'm sorry for not taking the time to say it before.

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

You're too funny! I just nominated you in the Best Variety category because I love to read your posts on homeschooling, but also the many personal and "life in general" relevant posts you share as well.

I actually have a post saved in my drafts folder to do this same thing for myself. ;0) Don't be surprised when you see it posted on my blog within the next few days. I'm not copying you, I promise. I've been nominated the past two years, but haven't won.

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