31 Days of Being Real: Day 14 - Going with the Flow...Because We Can

Our original plans for the day included what looked to be a very interesting field trip with several other local homeschool families to learn about the generation of electricity and nuclear power. However, I was not feeling well early this morning, so I decided we'd stay home. And, as it turns out, that was a good choice because Baby Leah had a bit of a rough day, too - manageable here but definitely not a mood I'd have wanted to deal with "on the road."

But then came the question of what to do with our day. Given how I was feeling - I really wanted to curl up on the couch and sleep all day! - I knew I wasn't up for suddenly pulling together a full day of bookwork. But I could have managed a "light day," during which we could do some science - including listening to a CD called Galileo and the Stargazers that I'd planned for our drive to the field trip - as well as piano practice and literature.

In the end, though, I gave us a day off - except for doing one chapter in our read-aloud novel at lunch and taking the girls to choir practice late in the afternoon. And I didn't have any qualms about it because I know we are very diligent most days; in fact, my "attendance" records indicate that today was only our fourth weekday (one of which was Labor Day) without bookwork since August 1...and we even clocked some official learning time one Saturday.

What's more, though diligence is very important to me - in fact, I'm convinced it's the key to home learning success - I also relish the freedom I have as a home educator to spontaneously decide to take off for a day. We're not on the assembly line-like schedule employed by institutional schools; instead, I make the schedule, and I can make any and all adjustments to suit real life as it happens.

So the girls:
  • lavished love on our new kittens, Prince and Sapphire (learning all about "baby wearing" in the process!);

  • played with their dolls (the scenarios they come up with for the dolls to act out continue to amaze me!);
  • made a short trek outside despite the wind and dampness (an outing which Leah enjoyed watching);
  • created some totally unplanned projects (an eclectic wall hanging for Abigail, a picture book called Next Time Leave Me with Mom for Rachel, and a bunch of stencils for Anna);

  • enjoyed a brand new Barbie movie I'd (spontaneously!) picked up yesterday;
  • grinned from ear to ear when I announced that I'd made brownies for snack.

We always enjoy our planned days off, too, but spontaneous ones feel all the sweeter, and today was no exception. Thank God for the freedom to go with the flow.


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