31 Days of Being Real: Day 2 - Can Homeschooled Kids Attend College?

Anyone who's known me for even a short amount of time quickly learns one thing: I am an unabashed proponent of independent, home-based learning (i.e., homeschooling). And I don't apologize for my strong advocacy. In fact, after spending nine years "in the system" as a classroom teacher myself and doing countless hours of research on the matter since coming home to raise my children, I am convinced that home education is best for kids in almost every case.

I don't browbeat parents who decide otherwise because I also stand firmly behind every parent's right to choose for his or her own children. However, I feel an obligation to present the truth about the benefits of homeschooling instead of allowing people to naively presume that public/government education should be the default choice for most.

In that vein, let me get real about some good news for those with college-bound homeschooled children. Now, based on much recent research, I'm actually quite convinced that not every young person needs to attend college (i.e., a residential, four-year university) to lead a successful, productive life; in fact, such institutions often do more harm than good, and many more useful (and less expensive!) alternatives exist for the vast majority of people. However, for those home-educated kids who will attend college (of any sort), the picture is very bright.

For example, as detailed in a heavily-researched article entitled 15 Key Facts About Homeschooled Kids in College (which I urge all home-educating parents to read and bookmark for future reference):
  • homeschoolers often enter college with more credit;
  • homeschool students do better on the SAT and ACT;
  • homeschool GPAs are consistently higher;
  • homeschooled students are more likely to attend college;
  • homeschoolers are everywhere;
  • homeschooled students are more likely to graduate;
  • some colleges actively recruit homeschool students;
  • homeschooled students are very likely to succeed in college;
  • high school transcripts are often not required for college admissions;
  • homeschoolers can play college sports;
  • many homeschoolers are National Merit scholars;
  • homeschooled students may have higher college acceptance rates;
  • homeschool students are often in honors programs;
  • homeschooled students may receive federal financial aid;
  • many scholarships are available to homeschooled students.
If you actually read the article and click the links that lead to the research, you'll realize that no committed parent should have any qualms about homeschooling a college-bound child all the way through high school; in fact, this research may even lead some who've never previously considered home learning to take the leap. Sadly, anti-homeschooling folks - or those who are simply ignorant of the facts - may try to convince you otherwise...but the real fact is that the facts don't lie.


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geralyn said...

Well said, Tina. I do plan on all four of my kids attending college and earning at Bachelor's degree, in the very least.

However, I do recognize that one of my children has struggles due to the in utero trauma he suffered before we adopted him, and that education for him, is not necessarily a pleasure. I still teach him as though he is college bound, and do in fact expect him to attend college, but I also realize his God given talents exist in realms outside of book learning.

I do agree whole-heartedly that home educated kids do excel in college and often enter college already having earned AP credits. Our daughter has actually skipped 9t grade and is doing very well in her 10th grade course thru the University of Nebraska online high school. Her AP classes are a piece o' cake for and I can only imagine that college will be a pleasure in comparison to the rigors to which I held her academic standards.

Robin said...

There's also collegeplus.org :)
Great post!

Sherry C said...

Thanks for this post! I also was a classroom teacher before deciding I'd rather educate at home. After several years of them attending public schools, we are now starting our fourth year at home together. My kids are 9th and 6th grade now. I agree that it is not just another option, but really, it should be the preferred option for many families (not all). I'm glad I found you in the 31 Days list. I'm a 31 Day Girl, too, writing on Emerging From the Chaos over at http://portraitoftheartist.blogspot.com. It's not about educating at home, but then I didn't know yours was going to be either. I just liked your button and title. What a bonus to find that you are a home educator!

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