31 Days of Being Real: Day 22 - The Church of the Walking Wounded

Those of us on the worship team tonight did our best - and we'll aim for better tomorrow morning because our goal is excellence for our King.

But the hesitation and gaffes tonight - issues that don't normally occur - as well as all the various difficulties that plagued the team this entire week were, in my opinion, symbolic of the fact that our body - our church body - is wounded. An injured soldier battles on to the best of his ability, but he will limp and maybe even stumble, and I think God allowed the worship team this week to be a living picture of the gaping wound that has ripped through our church.

I am working feverishly within myself to withhold judgment because I do not want to think ill of anyone involved. And, at least until tomorrow afternoon, I do not know the whole story. I am also praying desperately for a willingness from all parties to be utterly and completely transparent then, so that those of us who've been wounded as "collateral damage" can clearly see the truth in order to correctly discern reality. If anyone tries to hide behind spiritual platitudes or even Scripture quotes without a full accounting of what's happened, they will be guilty of aggravated manslaughter. We are too wounded to take another hit. If integrity and openness do not reign, our body as it has been will die.

On the other hand, if the parties in question all follow James 5.16 - "Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed." - there is hope. That will ease us off life support and out of the ICU. Then we can slowly work on rehab and eventually - just as a bone is stronger where it's been broken - come out better in terms of our ability to grow in Christlikeness and make an impact for Him, here and beyond.

We, of course, have The Great Physician, so, ultimately, each individual part of the body will be restored by Him. But the question for our whole body tomorrow remains: Will we encounter Marcus Welby or Dr. Kervorkian?


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1 comment:

Conny said...

Saying a prayer that Dr. Marcus Welby will be embodied!! ;) Seriously, praying that your church will handle the situation as God would have them.

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