31 Days of Being Real: Day 25 - Poke Me with a Fork

How's this for being real on a writer's blog: I don't want to write anything tonight!

Over the course of this 31-day series, I've sometimes struggled with what to write, but I always wanted to put out something. I've even stayed up way too late several times just to make sure something - anything - was posted "on time." I suppose that's the recovering perfectionist in me rearing her ugly little head - i.e., if I'm going to commit to something like this, I'm going to do it "right."

Tonight I have a handful of topics vaguely in mind, and I'm sure I could develop one of my ideas into a readable post. But, honestly, after all the drama of the past week - it was last Tuesday afternoon that I first learned that my church had "imploded" - I'm tired. And the fact that the situation is still in limbo only adds to my mental and emotional exhaustion.

I suppose I should feel encouraged that it took 25 days of continual writing - and a big crisis - to get to this. I hope that means I'll be in this writing thing for the long-haul in one way or another. And I fully intend to finish up the month with real posts.

But for tonight, I have to fall back on a funny adage I learned not long ago: Poke me with a fork; I'm done.


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Carla Olson Gade said...

You found it. It's always in there, something to say, even if you feel like there's nothing to say. That makes a lot of sense. ;) Remember this post next time you get writers block. Just write. Keep your pen on the paper or your fingers on the keyboard and free write - it will release the muse. But on this same note, some people say writers must write every day. For me that means making a commitment to my life as a writer each day - writing, researching, learning the craft, or just getting a grip on my life. It's better to look at the big picture. I wish you well, and pray for healing during this time in your church. I've been there and it hurts. God's still on the throne.


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