31 Days of Being Real: Day 26 - Hooray for Fall Break!

I'm absolutely convicted that home education is best, and I love it even on the "bad days" - the worst day of homeschool beats the best day of public school...any day - so I wouldn't have it any other way around here. I also adore the two little girls I currently babysit and enjoy including them in our daily lives.

But - being real here - I am very excited that the public schools around here are off for the next two days, giving those kids a four-day weekend. That means the little girls (whose mom is a public school teacher) will be home (having a wonderful time with the momma who cherishes them) and not here. And we'll have a few days as a family to be "just us."

In addition, though I purposely do not mirror the public school calendar on principle (i.e., they don't have a corner on the "ideal" learning calendar for anyone, let alone us), I had decided when I made our own schedule for the year that this would be a good time for a short fall break. So we're taking off from all bookwork Thursday and Friday, granting us our own four-day weekend, and then we'll have our monthly "enrichment day" (a time to set aside our usual studies in favor of special learning games and activities) on Monday.

I'm so grateful for the timing because I really need an opportunity to rest, re-calibrate, and re-focus.

Over the next few days, I need to...
  • return to having consistent quiet time with the Lord - for obvious reasons;
  • get back on my workout schedule...because exercising relaxes me and failing to do so causes stress;
  • make the switch from summer to winter clothes in our closets and drawers, and clean, winterize, and organize in other ways...because chaos around me causes chaos within me;
  • plan our November learning calendar to avoid the stress that would result from flying by the seat of my pants;
  • make a couple of appointments;
  • sit down and compose a good, old-fashioned handwritten letter to a special friend who sent me birthday wishes this month, and, perhaps, enjoy some good ol' long phone conversations with a couple of other friends;
  • experiment with my new NOOK.;
  • enjoy teaching the girls how to cook eggs and French toast absent the demands of memorizing multiplication tables and spelling words;
  • feel free to let them play all day - inside and out - without the interruptions to creativity that bookwork can sometimes be.
I know that sounds like a lot of busy and not so much rest. But having time to get back to helpful habits and accomplishing some of the tasks that can be difficult to manage on "normal days" will actually bring peace of mind and relaxation in the long run. The trick will be getting myself back to our usual schedule come November 1. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it!


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