31 Days of Being Real: Day 31 - Crossing the Finish Line!

Wow! I can't believe this is the last day of the 31 Days project...and that I actually met my goal of posting something in the "being real" vein every.single.day:

In a couple of posts I simply shared how I was struggling to find a relevant topic or was too tired to write much, but the fact remains that I did write every day. And, truly, most of what I published had substance. So, to the extent that it's okay (i.e., biblical) to be proud of one's accomplishments, I'm proud of myself - and I hope my ability to be consistent bodes well for (what I think is) my God-planted dream of someday being "known" for my writing.

Having crossed this finish line also tells me that - if I put my mind to it - I can accomplish goals that require diligence and perseverance. All I did in this case was to put one foot in front of the other in a sense - to simply do what was necessary each day to publish something - and, before I knew it, I had successfully come to the end of the journey. I even managed it in the midst of a major unexpected and stressful life situation...because I made a conscious choice to not let that circumstance (or any other) derail my plan.

Of course, some of my more deeply-rooted goals come with more emotional baggage than trying my hand at a random writing exercise. But why can't I really just approach them with the same tenacity as I did this? In fact, there's no reason I can't; as my friend Nancy - a life coach - has pointed out, it's really just a matter of finding (and holding onto) my "want power."

So tomorrow is the start of a new month, and I'm going to apply what I've learned about perseverance over the past 31 days to some of those other areas. I'm not planning right now to blog about any particular project every day, though I may eventually decide that doing so actually helps. I'm still thinking that through.

So for right now, I'll simply return to my normal schedule of posting on various topics once or twice a week. Writing every day is good to a point, but I'd rather share less often on matters of real substance than write every day just for the sake of saying I did.


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Conny said...

Congratulations, Tina, for blogging FOR REAL through this month. I've enjoyed following along - and saying a prayer for you as well.

I too am doing a 30 Days of Thanks as of Nov 1st. I love what focusing on GRATEFULNESS does for my (often bad) attitude!!! :)

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